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January 12, 2018

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Q431. - (Topic 5) 

You must set up SIP with a proxy for your network. IP phones are in the network. The Registrar and proxy are installed on host To allow handover enforcement for outbound calls from SIP-net to network Net_B on the Internet, you have defined the following objects: 

Network object: SIP-net: 


VoIP Domain object: VolP_domain_A 

1.Endpoint domain: SIP-net 

2.VoIP gateway installed at: SIP-gateway host object 

How would you configure the rule? 

A. SIP- G ateway/N et_B/s i p_a ny/a c c e pt 

B. VolP_domain_A/Net_B/sip/accept 

C. SIP-Gateway/Net_B/sip/accept 

D. VolP_domain_A/Net_B/sip_any, and sip/accept 

E. VolP_Gateway_MJet_B/sip_any/accept 


Q432. - (Topic 1) 

Check Point support has asked Tony for a firewall capture of accepted packets. What would be the correct syntax to create a capture file to a filename calledmonitor. out? 

A. Run fw monitor -e "accept;" -f monitor.out 

B. Run fw monitor -e "accept;" -c monitor.out 

C. Run fw monitor -e "accept;" -o monitor.out 

D. Run fw monitor -e "accept;" -m monitor.out 


Q433. - (Topic 5) 

Regarding QoS guarantees and limits, which of the following statements is FALSE? 

A. If both a limit and a guarantee per rule are defined in a QoS rule, then the limit must be smaller than the guarantee. 

B. If both a rule limit and a per connection limit are defined for a rule, the per connection limit must not be greater than the rule limit. 

C. A rule guarantee must not be less than the sum the guarantees defined in its sub-rules. 

D. If a guarantee is defined in a sub-rule, then a guarantee must be defined for the rule above it. 


Q434. - (Topic 7) 

When a packet is flowing through the security gateway, which one of the following is a valid inspection path? 

A. Acceleration Path 

B. Small Path 

C. Firewall Path 

D. Medium Path 


Q435. - (Topic 2) 

While authorization for users managed bySmart Directoryis performed by the gateway, the authentication is mostly performed by the infrastructure in which of the following? 

A. ldapd 

B. cpauth 

C. cpShared 

D. ldapauth 


Q436. - (Topic 5) 

The following rule contains an FTP resource object in the Service field: 

Source: local_net 

Destination: Any 

Service: FTP-resource object 

Action: Accept 

How do you define the FTP Resource Properties > Match tab to prevent internal users from receiving corporate files from external FTP servers, while allowing users to send files? 

A. Enable "Put" and "Get" methods. 

B. Disable the "Put" method globally. 

C. Enable the "Put" method only on the Match tab. 

D. Enable the "Get" method on the Match tab. 

E. Disable "Get" and "Put" methods on the Match tab. 


Q437. - (Topic 7) 

Using IPS, how do you notify the Security Administrator that malware is scanning specific ports? By enabling: 

A. Malware Scan protection 

B. Sweep Scan protection 

C. Host Port Scan 

D. Malicious Code Protector 


Q438. - (Topic 3) 

There are times when you want to use Link Selection to manage high-traffic VPN connections. With Link Selection you can: 

A. Probe links for availability. 

B. Use links based on Day/Time. 

C. Assign links to specific VPN communities. 

D. Use links based on authentication method. 


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