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September 25, 2018

All About 1Y0-A22 rapidshare Sep 2018

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New Citrix 1Y0-A22 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

Q1. Scenario: A new administrator has been asked to ensure that all servers meet the minimum required patching level. A test server has been used to confirm that all patches can be deployed to the production servers. Testing has identified that production servers are NOT at the same patch level.

Which action can the administrator take to identify which patches are required on each production server?

A. Use the Citrix Computer policy wizard.

B. Use the Citrix AppCenter History node.

C. Use the Citrix AppCenter Configuration Tools node.

D. Use the Prepare this server for imaging and provisioning task.

Answer: C

Q2. Scenario: A XenApp Administrator in an enterprise environment plans to use Access Gateway to secure ICA connections from the external network. The Access Gateway is in the DMZ using ICA proxy mode.

Which two locations for these components would be the most secure? (Choose two.)

A. Place the XML broker in the DMZ.

B. Place the Web Interface in the DMZ.

C. Place the XML broker in the internal network.

D. Place the Web Interface in the internal network.

Answer: C,D

Q3. Scenario: The Senior Citrix Administrator has requested that a Junior Administrator deploy two XenApp servers using a base XenApp image that he previously created. The servers will be assigned to two different departments with additional applications that will be installed later based on department requirements.

What should the Junior Administrator do to meet these requirements?

A. Manually install XenApp on the new XenApp servers.

B. Clone the base XenApp image and deploy to new XenApp servers.

C. Use Windows Deployment Services to deploy XenApp to new XenApp servers.

D. Use Provisioning Services to stream XenApp servers in standard mode to new XenApp servers.

Answer: B

Q4. Scenario: A recent security breach occurred in which a member of staff was able to copy company confidential information onto a device which was then removed from company premises. A Citrix Adminstrator has been instructed to disable client drive mapping when staff using corporate issued domain-member laptops attempt to access XenApp resources.

Which section of the ICAClient.ADM template file must the administrator configure to facilitate this request?

A. Client Engine

B. User Experience

C. User Authentication

D. Remoting Client Devices

Answer: D

Q5. An administrator is configuring a XenApp 6.5 farm that has the default printer settings still in place.

Which configuration would require the administrator to make a change to the default printer settings?

A. Auto-create all client printers.

B. Auto-install native printer drivers.

C. Do not use Universal printing compression.

D. Only use Universal printing if the requested driver is unavailable.

Answer: C

Q6. A XenApp Administrator plans to use Citrix NetScaler to load balance Web Interface servers.

Which persistence setting should the administrator choose to correctly configure high availability for Web Interface?





Answer: D


In the Xirtic XenApp 6.5 farm, there are two servers in each of the two datacenters.

Information about the Tokyo datacenter:

u2711 The Tokyo datacenter is the production site.

u2711 It contains the XTXATY01 and XTXATY02 servers.

u2711 All Engineering users are located in Tokyo.

Information about the Seoul datacenter

u2711 The Seoul datacenter is used as the disaster recovery and failover site.

u2711 It contains the XTXASL01 and XTXASL02 servers.


The design of the environment mandates the engineering users should only connect to the XenApp servers in the Seoul datacenter if all servers in the Tokyo datacenter are offline or fully utilized.


1. Configure the minimum number of worker groups necessary to meet the requirements as specified in the scenario. Use the following naming conversation: WorkGroup1, WorkGroup2.

2. Configure the minimum number of policies necessary to meet the requirements as specified in the scenario. Use the following naming connection: Policy1, Policy2.

Answer: Here are the step by step solution to this.


Use the following

Task 1 u2013 Create WorkGroup

Task 2

Q8. An administrator is attempting to view information about a server process from the AppCenter console which is displayed in the attached exhibit.

Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.

Which communication process is malfunctioning?





Answer: B

Q9. Which two features can an administrator configure to reduce user profile load time? (Choose two.)

A. Folder redirection

B. Session PreLaunch

C. Citrix Profile Management

D. Remote Desktop roaming profiles

Answer: A,C

Q10. Scenario: Users access several published applications, and they report that the logon process initiates each time an application is accessed. Upon reviewing the published application settings, the administrator sees the information in the attached exhibits.

Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibits. Use the tabs to switch the displayed exhibit.

Which setting should be adjusted so that users will experience an improvement in their existing session?

A. Pre-launch

B. Color depth

C. Maximize at startup

D. One instance for each user limit

Answer: B

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