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October 11, 2017

A Review Of Breathing 1Z0-591 testing bible

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Q61. Select the scenario in which block storage must be used instead of aggregate storage. 

A. Incremental data loading 

B. Top - down planning 

C. Extremely sparse data sets 

D. Millions of members in the outline 


Q62. An organization has re-implemented one of its systems but has not moved history. One database has data for all years up to 2010 and the other has data for years from 2011 to the present. The organization needs data from the years 2010 and 2011 on a single report. How can you model this in the RPD? 

A. By creating two Logical Fact Tables for each database 

B. By creating joins in the physical model so it looks like a single table 

C. By creating two logical table sources, that specify in Content tab using the Fragmentation content areas to specify the years for each source 

D. By creatingtwo logical table sourcesand checkingthe“This Source should be combined with other sources at this level”box leaving the Fragmentation content area blank. 

E. By creatingonelogical table sources and checkingthe“This Source should be combined with other sources at this level” box 

Answer: E

Q63. A customer frequently queries multiple dimension tables without a measure. What needs to be defined in the presentation layer? 

A. Logical Key 

B. ImplicitFact Column 

C. Alias 

D. Logical Column Name 

E. CustomDisplay Name 


Q64. Query Limits are used to manage Query environment in the repository for users and roles and can_________. 

A. Control runaway queries 

B. Limit Queries by maximum run time 

C. Control aggregation 

D. Control User Authentication 

E. Control WriteBack Capabilities 

Answer: B

Q65. The ODBC DSN is never used for _______. 

A. Initial import of the physical layer metadata on a Windows server 

B. Query execution and data access on a Windows server 

C. Initial import of the physical layer metadata, query execution, and data access on a Windows Server 

D. Changing passwords 

E. Comparing RPDs 


Q66. A customer needs to do a cross database join between two tables where, one of the tables has a small number of values and the other has a large number of values. How can you optimize the way the BI Server processes the query? 

A. By specifying a one-to-many join between the tables with the small and largenumbers of values 

B. By specifyingadriving table 

C. By specifying a many to one join between the tables with the small and large numbers of values 

D. By creating your logical join by using theJoins Manager 

E. By creating your joins by using the Business Model Diagram 


Q67. Which are the three types of tables available to physical tables in the physical layer? 

A. Physical Table 

B. Stored Proc 

C. Select 

D. View 

E. Table 

Answer: ABC

Q68. How do Dynamic Repository Variables differ from Static Repository Variables? 

A. Dynamic Repository Variables are not initialized by the Initialization Block. 

B. Dynamic Repository Variables cannot be used in the Expression Builder. 

C. Dynamic Repository Variables can be changed by data that is returned from queries. 

D. Dynamic Repository Variables cannot be used in a CASE statement. 


Q69. To add multiple sources to on existing logical table dimension in the Business Model and Mapping layer, the source of the data must first exist in which option? 

A. Presentation Layer 

B. Business Aggregate Layer 

C. PhysicalLayer 

D. WebCatalog 

Answer: C

Q70. How will you model a Type II Slowly-Changing Dimension? 

A. Add an additional column to the dimension table to capture a version of change 

B. Overwrite an existing dimension table record with the changed record 

C. Add a new row to the dimension table with a new key for the changed record 

D. Do Nothing 

Answer: C

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