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October 11, 2017

How to pass 220 901 pdf in Oct 2017

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Q21. Joe, a technician, is tasked to install a new client machine. He notices the machine is not getting any network connectivity. He tests the network cable between the PC and the network jack and confirms it is good. Joe goes to the network closet and finds several network cables not connected to the switch. Which of the following tools would Joe use to

determine which cable goes back to the correct network jack?

A. Loopback plug

B. Toner probe

C. WiFi analyzer

D. Punchdown tool

Answer: B

Q22. Joe, a user, receives a wireless router from his ISP with a pre-set password and configuration. He can connect to the router fine via Ethernet but cannot see the wireless signal on any of his devices. The LEDs on the router indicate that a wireless signal is broadcasting. Which of the following settings on the router does Joe need to adjust to enable the devices to see the wireless signal?


B. IPv6



Answer: D

Q23. Ann, a user, reports her docked mobile workstation will periodically lose her network share drive and lose video to the second monitor. Which of the following is MOST likely the cause of this anomaly?

A. The workstation battery needs to be replaced.

B. The NIC is functioning intermittently.

C. Failed driver updates for the workstation’s devices.

D. The surge protector lost AC power.

Answer: D

Q24. Which of the following memory types is primarily used in laptops?





Answer: D

Q25. A technician upgrades an older computer to Windows 8. The computer is running unusually slow, but the hardware has no problems and is adequate for the OS. Which of the following is the MOST likely solution?

A. Change the boot sequence

B. Switch the BIOS to UEFI

C. Defragment the hard drive

D. Enable virtualization

Answer:: C

Q26. A technician is dispatched to install additional RAM in a computer. The technician unplugs the system from the power source, and removes the cover of the PC. Which of the following should the technician do NEXT?

A. Update the BIOS for compatibility.

B. Put on an ESD strap.

C. Use an anti-static bag to hold the RAM while installing.

D. Clean out the PC with compressed air.

Answer: B

Q27. A company wants to conserve paper without limiting the ability to print. Which of the following settings needs to be configured?

A. Orientation

B. Duplex

C. Collate

D. Quality

Answer: B

Q28. A user creates a file in presentation software to be shown on a widescreen display. The user would like to adjust the aspect ratio of the slides in the presentation software so they display without extra black areas on the top, bottom, left, or right of the slides. Which of the following aspect ratios would BEST meet this requirement?

A. 4:3

B. 5:4

C. 16:9

D. 256:135

Answer: C

Q29. Joe, a customer, requests that the desktop system he is buying is able to be used at his vacation home in another country, as well as his regular home. The technician is aware that the country mentioned has different power requirements. Which of the following should the technician ensure the desktop contains?

A. Dual voltage options


C. Inverter

D. Micro-ATX connector

Answer: A

Q30. Which of the following adapters causes the LEAST amount of signal loss?




D. S-video to RCA

Answer: C

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