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May 18, 2017

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Q31. An administrator wants to clone a virtual machine using the vSphere Client. Which explains why the Clone option is missing?

A. The vSphere Client is directly connected to the ESXi host.

B. The virtual machine is configured with a thin-provisioned virtual disk.

C. The virtual machine is configured with outdated Virtual Hardware.

D. Cloning can only be performed with vRealize Orchestrator.

Answer: A

Q32. What are three reasons why a virtual machine might fail to power on? (Choose three.)

A. The virtual machine is running on an ESXi host which has an expired license.

B. The virtual machine is running on a datastore which has insufficient disk space for the .vswp file.

C. The virtual machine is in a cluster with vSphere HA Admission control enabled.

D. The virtual machine has a disconnected network adapter.

E. The virtual machine does not have a Virtual Hard Disk assigned.

Answer: A,B,C

Q33. Refer to the Exhibit.

What will be the result of selecting the highlighted device?

A. Datastore will grow up to 200.01GB using the remaining free space on the device.

B. Datastore will add 200.01GB by adding the device as a second extent.

C. The device size can be expanded to be larger than 200.01 GB in size.

D. The device is not suitable for this operation.

Answer: A

Q34. An administrator wants to set a non-default isolation address of for High Availability.

Which advanced setting would accomplish this task?

A. Das.isolationaddress0=

B. Das.useisolationaddress0=

C. Das.defaultisolationaddress0=

D. Das.haisolationaddress0=

Answer: A

Q35. Which two are valid Identity Sources when configuring vCenter Single Sign-On? (Choose two.)

A. Radius



D. LocalOS

Answer: C,D

Q36. Refer to the Exhibit.

An administrator has configured a firewall rule as shown in the Exhibit. Which statement best describes the ESXi 6.x firewall rule?

A. Connections from the ESXi host to all devices on the network and on port 22 are allowed.

B. Connections coming from IP addresses from the network and on port 22 are allowed.

A. C. TCP Connections coming from IP addresses from the network and on port 22 are not allowed.

D. TCP Connections from the ESXi host to all devices on the network and on port 22 are not allowed.

Answer: B

Q37. An administrator is troubleshooting a virtual machine performance issue using vRealize Operations.

Which two badges would help to identify possible resource contention concerns? (Choose two.)

A. Health > Workload

B. Health > Faults

C. Risk > Time Remaining

D. Risk > Stress

Answer: A,D

Q38. Which password meets ESXi 6.x host password requirements?

A. 8kMVnn2x!

B. zNgtnJBA2

C. Nvgt34kn44

D. !b74wr

Answer: A

Q39. Which three statements are true when restoring a Resource Pool Tree? (Choose three.)

A. Distributed Resource Scheduler must be set to manual.

B. Restoring a snapshot can only be done on the same cluster from which it was taken.

A. C. No other resource pools can be present in the cluster.

D. Restoring a resource pool tree must be done in the vSphere Web Client.

E. Enabling Enhanced vMotion Compatibility on the cluster is required.

Answer: B,C,D

Q40. An administrator is configuring the clock tolerance for the Single Sign-On token configuration policy and wants to define the time skew tolerance between a client and the domain controller clock.

Which time measurement is used for the value?

A. Milliseconds

B. Seconds

C. Minutes

D. Hours

Answer: A

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