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May 11, 2018

Ideas to cisco 300 075

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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. Refer to the exhibit. An engineer is settings up a new deployment and wants to use the Cisco VCS Control as a gateway for SIP and H.323 endpoints. Which Cisco VCS configuration step must be performed to allow onset and offset calling?

A. Set the H.323mode On

B. Set the IP mode On.

C. Set the Gatekeeper Auto Discover mode On

D. Set the Interworking mode On.

Answer: B

Q2. An administrator is visiting a remote site that has on-net calls with headquarters and one voice gateway for PSTN calls. When using RTMT to monitor the bandwidth utilization of the remote site, the administrator notices the OutOfResources counter for the site in LBM has been increasing slowly in last two weeks, but no call failure reports have been sent from this site. Which description about this issue is true?

A. The bandwidth settings of the site are fulfilling on-net call volume.

B. AAR is routing some of the calls.

C. The location-based CAC does not work properly.

D. The LBM service is malfunctioning.

Answer: B

Q3. In Cisco Unified Communications Manager, where do you configure the +E.164 number that is advertised globally via ILS?

A. ILS configuration under Advanced Features

B. +E.164 alternate number under Directory Number Settings

C. Device Information under Phone Configuration

D. Route Pattern under Route/Hunt

Answer: B

Q4. A video endpoint is configured with SIP only. What does a video endpoint use to register with the VCS Control?

A. IP address


C. MAC address

D. system name

Answer: B

Q5. Where do you go to configure restrictions on audio bandwidth?

A. location

B. partition

C. region

D. enterprise parameters

E. serviceability

Answer: A

Q6. Scenario:

There are two call control systems in this item.

The Cisco UCM is controlling the DX650, the Cisco Jabber for Windows Client, and the 7965 and 9971 Video IP Phones.

The Cisco VCS and TMS control the Cisco TelePresence Conductor, the Cisco TelePresence MCU, and the Cisco Jabber TelePresence for Windows.

DNS Server:

Device Pool:





Speed Dial:

SIP Trunk:

The intercluster URI call routing no longer allows calls between sites. What is the reason why this would happen?

A. Wrong SIP domain configured.

B. User is not associated with the device.

C. IP or DNS name resolution issue.

D. No SIP route patterns for cisco.lab exist.

Answer: C,D

Q7. Company X has a primary and a backup Cisco Unified Communications Manager instance.

The administrator had to do maintenance on the primary node and did a shutdown, which resulted in a failover to the backup node. What happens when the primary node comes back online?

A. The primary node becomes the backup node.

B. Endpoints detect that the primary is back and reregisters automatically.

C. The backup node must be shut down first to allow the endpoints to realize that the primary node is online again.

D. Nothing, the endpoints only failover when the node they lose connection to their registered node.

Answer: B

Q8. Which parameter should be set to prevent H.323 endpoints from registering to Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server automatically?

A. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Protocols, H.323, and set Auto Discover to off.

B. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Protocols, H.323, and set Auto Registration to off.

C. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Registration, Allow List, and set Auto Registration to off.

D. On the VCS, navigate to Configuration, Registration, Configuration, and set Auto Registration to off.

Answer: A

Q9. Which solution is needed to enable presence and extension mobility to branch office phones during a WAN failure?

A. SRST without MGCP fallback

B. SRST with VoIP dial peers to Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express

C. SRST with MGCP fallback

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode

Answer: C

Q10. Which statement about setting up FindMe in Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server is true?

A. Users are allowed to delete or change the address of their principal devices.

B. Endpoints should register with an alias that is the same as an existing FindMe ID.

C. If VCS is using Cisco TMS provisioning, users manage their FindMe accounts via VCS.

D. A VCS cluster name must be configured.

Answer: D

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