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July 10, 2018

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New Cisco 300-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

New Questions 5

Which statement is true concerning 6to4 tunneling?

A. IPv4 traffic is encapsulated with an IPv6 header.

B. The edge routers can use any locally configured IPv6 address.

C. Hosts and routers inside a 6to4 site will need a special code.

D. An edge router must use IPv6 address of 2002::/16 in its prefix.

Answer: D


6to4 tunnels use IPv6 addresses that concatenate 2002::/16 with the 32-bit IPv4 address of the edge router, creating a 48-bit prefix.

New Questions 6

Which SNMP verification command shows the encryption and authentication protocols that are used in SNMPv3?

A. show snmp view

B. show snmp

C. show snmp user

D. show snmp group

Answer: C

New Questions 7

A network engineer has configured a tracking object to monitor the reachability of IP SLA 1. In order to update the next hop for the interesting traffic, which feature must be used in conjunction with the newly created tracking object to manipulate the traffic flow as required?







Answer: B

New Questions 8

What option can be used for uRPF in loose mode on the command? ip verify unicast source reachable-via

A. rx

B. any

C. allow-default

Answer: B

New Questions 9

Refer to Exhibit:

Which three NTP features can be deduced on the router? (choose three)

A. only accepts time requests from

B. only handle four requests at a time

C. only is in stratum 4

D. only updates its time from

E. only accepts time requests from

F. only updates its time from

Answer: A,C,F

New Questions 10

A network engineer enables OSPF on a Frame Relay WAN connection with circuit-id 28468340 to various remote sites, but no OSPF adjacencies come up. Which two actions are possible solutions for this issue? (Choose Two)

A. Change the network type to point-to-multipoint under WAN interface.

B. Enable virtual links.

C. Change the network type to nonbroadcast multipoint access.

D. Configure the neighbor command under OSPF process for each remote site.

E. Ensure that the OSPF process number matches among all remote sites

Answer: A,D

New Questions 11

Which easy virtual networking configuration component significantly decreases network configuration?

A. Easy Trunk

B. dot1e

C. virtual network trunk

D. VNET tags


Answer: C

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit.

Which option prevents routing updates from being sent to the access layer switches?

A. DWS1(config-router)# passive-interface default DWS2(config-router)# passive-interface default

B. ALS1(config-router)# passive-interface default ALS2(config-router)# passive-interface default

C. DWS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/1 DWS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/2 DWS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/1 DWS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi1/2

D. ALS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/1 ALS1(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/2 ALS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/1 ALS2(config-router)# passive-interface gi0/2

Answer: C

New Questions 13

Which traffic characteristic is the reason that UDP traffic that carries voice and video is assigned to the queue only on a link that is at least 768 kbps?

A. typically is not fragmented

B. typically is fragmented

C. causes windowing

D. causes excessive delays for video traffic

Answer: A

New Questions 14

A network engineer recently deployed Easy Virtual Networking in the enterprise network. Which feature improves shared services support?

A. route replication

B. edge interfacing

C. tunnel feedback.

D. route distinguishers

Answer: A

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