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July 5, 2018

How to pass ccnp security sisas 300 208 official cert guide in Jul 2018

Want to know Certleader 300 208 sisas Exam practice test features? Want to lear more about Cisco SISAS Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS) certification experience? Study Exact Cisco cisco 300 208 answers to Leading ccnp security sisas 300 208 official cert guide pdf questions at Certleader. Gat a success with an absolute guarantee to pass Cisco ccnp security sisas 300 208 official cert guide pdf (SISAS Implementing Cisco Secure Access Solutions (SISAS)) test on your first attempt.

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New Cisco 300-208 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

Q5. Which configuration must you perform on a switch to deploy Cisco ISE in low-impact mode?

A. Configure an ingress port ACL on the switchport.

B. Configure DHCP snooping globally.

C. Configure IP-device tracking.

D. Configure BPDU filtering.

Answer: A

Q6. In a basic ACS deployment consisting of two servers, for which three tasks is the primary server responsible? (Choose three.)

A. configuration

B. authentication

C. sensing

D. policy requirements

E. monitoring

F. repudiation

Answer: A,B,D

Q7. When RADIUS NAC and AAA Override are enabled for a WLC on a Cisco ISE, which two statements about RADIUS NAC are true? (Choose two.)

A. It returns an access-accept and sends the redirection URL for all users.

B. It establishes secure connectivity between the RADIUS server and the Cisco ISE.

C. It allows the Cisco ISE to send a CoA request that indicates when the user is authenticated.

D. It is used for posture assessment, so the Cisco ISE changes the user profile based on posture result.

E. It allows multiple users to authenticate at the same time.

Answer: C,D

Q8. Which three options can be pushed from Cisco ISE server as part of a successful 802.1x authentication. (Choose three)

A. authentication order

B. posture status

C. authentication priority

D. vlan


F. re-authentication timer

Answer: D,E,F

Q9. What is the purpose of the Cisco ISE Guest Service Sponsor Portal?

A. It tracks and stores user activity while connected to the Cisco ISE.

B. It securely authenticates guest users for the Cisco ISE Guest Service.

C. It filters guest users from account holders to the Cisco ISE.

D. It creates and manages Guest User accounts.

Answer: D

Q10. An engineer is investigating an issue with their Posture Run-time Services implementation. Which protocol services are used by NAC Agents to communicate with NAC Servers?


B. IPsec

C. IKEv2


Answer: A

Q11. Which default identity source is used by the MyDevices_Portal_Sequence identity source sequence?

A. internal users

B. guest users

C. Active Directory

D. internal endpoints

E. RADIUS servers

Answer: A

Q12. An engineer is troubleshooting an issue between the switch and the Cisco ISE where the 802.1X and MAB authentication and authorization are successful. Which command does the network engineer enter in the switch to troubleshoot this issue and look for active sessions?

A. show dot1x all

B. show authentication sessions

C. show epm session summary

D. show connections detail

Answer: B

Q13. Which Cisco ISE feature can differentiate a corporate endpoint from a personal device?

A. EAP chaining

B. PAC files

C. authenticated in-band provisioning

D. machine authentication

Answer: A

Q14. Which two options can a sponsor select to create bulk guest accounts from the sponsor portal? (Choose two.)

A. Known

B. Random

C. Monthly

D. Imported

E. Daily

F. Yearly

Answer: B,D

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