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August 5, 2017

Beginners Guide: 300 320 dumps

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Q1. Which option is the preferred and most versatile model to deploy IPv6 in existing IPv4 environments? 

A. hybrid 

B. service block 

C. dual stack 

D. processes 


Q2. Which of the following is most accurate with respect to designing high availability within the Enterprise Campus network? 

A. High availability at and between the Distribution and Access layers is as simple as redundant switches and redundant Layer 3 connections 

B. Non-deterministic traffic patterns require a highly available modular topology design 

C. Distribution layer high availability design includes redundant switches and Layer 3 equal-cost load sharing connections to the switched Access and routed Core layers, with a Layer 3 link between the Distribution switches to support summarization of routing information from the Distribution to the Core 

D. Default gateway redundancy allows for the failure of a redundant Distribution switch without affecting endpoint connectivity 


Q3. Which technology allows network managers to centrally manage the VLAN database? 




D. vPC 


Q4. An engineer is designing a new data center network so that the topology maintains fewer uplinks to the aggregation layer to reduce STP processing requirements. What data center topology meets the RFP requirements? 

A. mesh 

B. top of rack 

C. star 

D. end of row 


Q5. Which of the following two are effective and simple means of employing route summarization within the Enterprise Campus network? (Choose two) 

A. A default route ( /0) advertised dynamically into the rest of the network 

B. Route filtering to manage traffic flows in the network, avoid inappropriate transit traffic through remote nodes, and provide a defense against inaccurate or inappropriate routing updates 

C. Use manual split horizon 

D. Use a structured hierarchical topology to control the propagation of EIGRP queries 

E. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) stub areas 

Answer: A,E 

Q6. Which option is.correct when.using VSS to combine two physical switches into one logical switch? 

A. Both data planes forward traffic simultaneously. 

B. Only one data plane forwards traffic, while the other data plane is on standby. 

C. Both control planes forward traffic simultaneously. 

D. Control planes are combined into one virtual control plane. 


Q7. Which of these statements is correct regarding Stateful Switchover and Cisco Nonstop Forwarding? 

A. Utilizing Cisco NSF in Layer 2 environments can reduce outages to one to three seconds. 

B. Utilizing SSO in Layer 3 environments can reduce outages to one to three seconds. 

C. Distribution switches are single points of failure causing outages for the end devices. 

D. Utilizing Cisco NSF and SSO in a Layer 2 environment can reduce outages to less than one second. 

E. NSF and SSO with redundant supervisors have the most impact on outages at the access layer. 


Q8. AutoQoS is used to implement VoIP in the enterprise, but the trust option is not configured on the interface. Which network management Cisco IOS capability classifies the voice traffic? 

A. NetFlow 





Q9. Which statement about NIC teaming configurations is true? 

A. With ALB, all ports use one IP address and multiple MAC addresses. 

B. With AFT, two NICs connect to the different switches. 

C. With SFT, all ports are active. 

D. With AFT, all ports use one IP address and multiple MAC addresses. 


Q10. Which two features can you implement to control which networks are advertised by a BGP router? (Choose two.) 

A. prefix lists 

B. route maps 

C. policy maps 

D. router SNMP statements 

E. crypto maps 

Answer: A,B 

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