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April 21, 2017

Top 10 free samples 400-051 for IT engineers (51 to 60)

Q51. Assume 20 bytes of voice payload, 6 bytes for the Layer 2 header, 1 byte for the end-of-frame flag, and the IP, UDP, and RTP headers are compressed to 2 bytes, how much bandwidth should be allocated to the strict priority queue for six VoIP calls that use a G.729 codec over a multilink PPP link with cRTP enabled? 

A. 80.4 kb/s 

B. 91.2 kb/s 

C. 78.4 kb/s 

D. 69.6 kb/s 

E. 62.4 kb/s 


Q52. Which statement about high availability for XMPP federation in Cisco IM and Presence is true? 

A. A maximum of two Cisco IM and Presence nodes can be enabled for XMPP federation. 

B. Cisco IM and Presence load balances outbound requests across all nodes that are enabled for XMPP federation. 

C. Cisco IM and Presence load balances outbound requests across both nodes that are enabled for XMPP federation in a subcluster. 

D. The XMPP federation-enabled nodes should have different priorities and weights on the published DNS SRV for proper inbound request node selection. 

E. A single DNS SRV record that resolves to an XMPP federation-enabled node must be published on a public DNS server for inbound request routing. 


Q53. Which Cisco Unity Connection call handler greeting, when enabled, overrides all other greetings? 

A. holiday 

B. closed 

C. internal 

D. busy 

E. alternate 


Q54. Which protocol does the Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution application use to communicate with Cisco EnergyWise domain members? 

A. UDP broadcast 

B. Cisco Discovery Protocol 

C. UDP unicast 


E. multicast 


Q55. Which message is used by a Cisco IOS MGCP gateway to send periodic keepalives to its call agent? 





E. 200 OK 


Q56. Which two user portion format conditions are true for directory URI on Cisco Unified Communications Manager 9.1 or later? (Choose two.) 

A. It supports the $ character. 

B. It support space between characters. 

C. It has a maximum length of 50 characters. 

D. It has a maximum length of 254 characters. 

E. It is always case-sensitive. 

F. It cannot be a directory number. 

Answer: AB 

Q57. Which ITU-T recommendation defines the procedures for using more than one video channel in H.320-based systems? 

A. H.324 

B. H.230 

C. H.239 

D. H.264 

E. H.329 


Q58. How are DTMF digits transported in RFC 2833? 

A. In the RTP stream with the named telephone events payload format. 

B. In the RTP stream with the regular audio payload format. 

C. In SIP NOTIFY messages. 

D. In SIP INFO messages. 

E. In SIP SUBSCRIBE messages. 


Q59. Refer to the exhibit. 

Your customer sent you this debug output, captured on a Cisco IOS router (router A), to troubleshoot a problem where all H.323 calls that originate from another Cisco IOS router (router B) are being dropped almost immediately after arriving at router A. What is the reason for these disconnected calls? 

A. Calls were unsuccessful because of internal, memory-related problems on router A. 

B. Calls were rejected because the called number was denied on a configured class of restriction list on router A. 

C. Calls were rejected because the VoIP dial peer 1002 was not operational. 

D. Calls were unsuccessful because the router B IP address was not found in the trusted source IP address list on router A. 

E. Calls were rejected by router A because it received an admission reject from its gatekeeper because of toll fraud suspicion. 


Q60. Which device is the initiator of a StationD message in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager SDI trace? 

A. SCCP IP phone 

B. SIP IP phone 

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

D. MGCP analog gateway 

E. digital voice gateway 


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