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February 12, 2018

Approved 4A0-102 class Reviews & Tips

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Q81. Click the exhibit. 

Routers RR1 and RR2are route reflectors with clients R1x and R2x, respectively. Routers RR1 

and RR2 are non-clients of each other, and router R1 is a non-client of both. Which of thefollowing regarding BGP sessions in AS 65540 is TRUE? 

A. Router R1must have at least one BGP session to each of routers R1x and R2x. 

B. Routers R1, RR1 and RR2 must be fully meshed. 

C. Routers R1x and R2x must have at least one BGP session between them. 

D. Routers R1x as well as routers R2x must be fully meshed. 


Q82. What is the default Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR TTL of a BGP advertisement between confederationmembers? 

A. 1 

B. 32 

C. 64 

D. 255 


Q83. Which of the following is TRUE? 

A. There can only be one community associated with a route. 

B. Community is an optional non-transitive attribute. 

C. Community is an optional transitive attribute. 

D. Community is a well-known discretionary attribute. 


Q84. Which of the following is NOT considered an option of export policies? 

A. Advertising customer networks into BGP. 

B. Sending aggregates that summarize the AS s address space. 

C. Sending MEDs to influence ingress traffic from peers. 

D. Preventing unwanted NLRI from entering the AS. 


Q85. Click the exhibit. 

Over which BGP session will router B learn the prefix? 

A. The session between router A and router B. 

B. The session between router C and router B. 

C. The session between router D and router B. 

D. Router B will learn the prefix over all of the sessions, then it will choose the best route. 


Q86. Click the exhibit. 

If router A originates an update for prefix, what will the update contain when itreaches router B? 

A. AS Path of 65200, local-preference of 100. 

B. AS Path of 65200, local-preference of None. 

C. Null AS Path, local-preference of 100. 

D. Null AS Path, local-preference of None. 


Q87. Which of the following regarding the connections between eBGP peers is TRUE? 

A. eBGP peers typically use system addresses for session establishment. 

B. eBGP peers are managed under a single administration. 

C. eBGP peers do not propagate updates learned via iBGP. 

D. eBGP peers are usually directly connected to each other. 


Q88. What are the well-known mandatory BGP attributes? 

A. Origin, Next Hop and Local Preference. 

B. Local preference, AS Path and Next Hop. 

C. Aggregator, Next Hop and AS Path. 

D. AS Path, Next Hop and Origin. 


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