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October 11, 2017

What Does 642-996 exam topics Mean?

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Q61. What is a typical output of the design planning phase that characterizes an existing data center?

A.a high-level conceptual architecture proposal

B.a gap analysis

C.a verification plan

D.reactive fault detection and correction

Answer: B

Q62. In which three critical areas does Cisco Unified Data Center provide a complete architecture platform including products and solutions? (Choose three.)

A.Unified Computing

B.Unified Fabric

C.Unified Management





Answer: ABC

Q63. Which two items represent features of VM-FEX with Cisco Nexus 5500? (Choose two)

A.Software packet switching

B.Hardware packet switching

C.802.1 Q

D.VN-Tag (802.1 Qbh)

E.Feature rich

F.Higher performance

Answer: BD

Q64. Which transceiver/cable type combination is the most cost effective solution to connect a Cisco Nexus 5548UP switch to a Nexus 2232PP fabric extender within the same rack?

A.Cisco FET-10G with OM3 cable

B.SFP-10GR with OM3 fiber cable

C.active Twinax cable

D.SFP-10GR with OM4 fiber cable

E.passive Twinax cable

Answer: E

Q65. Which three Cisco technologies or solutions are used during the virtualization design into the data center access layer? (Choose three.)

A.Cisco Nexus 1000V switch

B.Cisco UCS pass-through switching with VM-FEX

C.Cisco Virtual Services Appliance

D.Cisco Adapter-FEX when using Cisco UCS C-Series Servers

E.Cisco Distributed Virtual Switch

F.Fibre Channel switch mode

Answer: ABD

Q66. Which two options are business requirements that drive the data center design? (Choose two.)

A.Increase virtual machine-to-host ratio.

B.Reduce power consumption.

C.Reduce latency within the network.

D.Migrate to FCoE.

E.Reduce operation expenditure.

F.Increase network throughput.

Answer: BE

Q67. Select two items that represent features of the Aggregation layer in the Data Center 3-layer design. (Choose two)

A.High-speed Layer 3 switching

B.First-Hop Routing Protocols

C.Demarcation point between static and dynamic routing protocols

D.QoS Marking

E.Q 802.1X

Answer: AB

Q68. Which option should be included in the data center design if it must support zone-based firewalling on a per virtual machine basis, while preserving full virtual machine mobility without manual intervention?

A.Cisco Virtual Services Gateway with vPath

B.Cisco Nexus 1000v Advanced Edition with Prime Network Services Controller

C.Cisco Nexus 5500 Series Layer 3 module

D.strict unicast RPF

Answer: B

Q69. Which two characteristics are associated with the core layer of a Data Center Unified Fabric network? (Choose two.)

A.no packet manipulation


C.voice, data, and wireless convergence

D.scalable routing protocols like OSPF

E.Layer 2 default gateway redundancy

F.QoS—classification and queuing

Answer: AD

Q70. Which two items represent attacks that are mitigated by CoPP? (Choose two.)

A.ARP cache poisoning

B.data plane DoS

C.ping flooding

D.Diffie Hellman

E.smurf attack

F.ping of death

Answer: CE

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