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June 12, 2018

Jun 2018 updated: Pass4sure Adobe 9A0-410 test question 4-13

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New Adobe 9A0-410 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q1. A parent process invokes a subprocess without modifying the parent process security settings. What is the result?

A. The subprocess queries for authentication parameters

B. The subprocess inherits authentication from the calling process

C. An error email is sent to the Administrator

D. Authentication from the subprocess is queried to the system administrator

Answer: A

Q2. Which annotation does a Remote Function require?

A. @ServiceMethod

B. @Service

C. @Properties

D. @Component

Answer: A

Q3. What is an advantage of implementing an HTML5 form set?

A. The ability to replicate to a publisher instance

B. The ability to implement form sets without requiring special permissions on the dispatcher

C. The ability to bundle XFA templates together and restrict those templates based on user input

D. The ability to bundle XFA templates together and display those templates based on user input

Answer: D

Q4. How is the File Attachment component similar to the Terms and Conditions component in an adaptive form?

A. Neither component supports lazy loading

B. Both are excluded from the sidekick when creating a form fragment

C. Neither component supports adaptive forms

D. Both require a service to be enabled in the config manager

Answer: A

Q5. The submit action is set on the forms portal. What is the result?

A. Forms use the forms portal submit action over their own embedded submit action

B. Forms that lack their own embedded submit action default to the forms portal action

C. Forms ignore the submit action mentioned in the forms UI for the forms portal action

D. Forms use the action that is under the least amount of load

Answer: A

Q6. Why should a developer add the u2018addfields.jspu2019 to the custom submit sling:Folder?

A. To register the custom submit action for use within the CRX

B. To add fields to the adaptive form to extend the available options of the submission engine

C. To control which form fields will be submitted and consumed by the submission target

D. To expose additional input in the dialog window within the component

Answer: B

Q7. An afAcceptLang request parameter is added to an Adaptive Form URL. What is the result?

A. Support for Japanese languages is enabled

B. Form locales are accepted

C. The form locale is set

D. The encoding type for languages is set

Answer: B

Q8. What is a best practice to maintain exception messages in a process orchestration in Workbench?

A. Maintain exception messages in a configuration file

B. Use the script activity to maintain exception messages

C. Handle exceptions externally to the process

D. Hard code exception messages in a process

Answer: A

Q9. What is an effect of removing nav_footer.jsp from the render profile?

A. To disable a user-triggered script

B. To remove the form footer

C. To disable widgets on the form

D. To remove lazy loading on the form

Answer: D

Q10. Which three main properties are required to create a remote function?

A. connectors.xmlinvoker, connectors.xmlinvoker.alias, exm.service

B. connectors.jsoninvoker, connectors.jsoninvoker.alias, exm.service

C. connectors.jsoninvoker, connectors.jsoninvoker.alias, exm.impl

D. connectors.xmlinvoker, connectors.xmlinvoker.alias, exm.impl

Answer: B

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