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January 11, 2018

What Up to the immediate present 9L0-012 Is?

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Q11. You are troubleshooting an iMac (Late 2013) that does not power on. You notice that all diagnostic LEDs remain off when a known-good power cord is connected to the iMac and to a known-good power outlet. What is most likely the cause of these symptoms? 

A. Faulty power supply 

B. Faulty display panel 

C. Faulty hard drive 

D. Faulty video card 


Q12. Which of the following is a valid electrical safety precaution when working on a computer or display with exposed, potentially energized parts? 

A. Use only metal screw drivers or fingers as needed to connect or disconnect cables. 

B. Always wear an ESD wrist or heel strap when working on plugged in systems. 

C. Be very careful handling the logic board or power supply while the computer is plugged in. 

D. Remove rings, watches, necklaces, metal-rimmed eyewear and other metallic articles before working on the computer. 



Rings, watches, necklaces or any metallic wearables should be removed because metal will disturb the inner circuitry and the static charge will transfer to the sensitive parts of the computer. 

Reference:http://mdex-nn.ru/uploads/imac12.pdf(page 3, electrical safety precautions 

Q13. You are replacing the AirPort/Bluetooth card inside a MacBook Pro (17-inch, Late 2011). Which of the following must also be replaced? 

A. Thermal pad and conductive wrap 

B. Thermal paste and heat sink 

C. Card holder and screws 

D. Black Mylar covering 


Q14. You must know theAppleCare name of an Intel iMac before performingwhich of the following actions? 

A. Starting up from OS X Recovery HD. 

B. Running Mac Resource Inspector. 

C. Replacing the logic board 

D. Resetting the NVRAM. 



Q15. Which of the following tools is used to hold the display steady when performing a repair on an iMac (Late 2012, Early 2013, Late 2013, Mid 2014)? 

A. Service wedge 

B. LCD Mount 

C. LCD Clamp 

D. Service stand 


Q16. Which of the following 27-inch Apple Thunderbolt Display features is NOT available on the 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display? 

A. Gigabit Ethernet port 

B. MagSafe cable (85W) 

C. Kensington security slot 

D. Built-in 2.1 speaker system 



Q17. Which of the following statements is true about Fusion Drive? 

A. No special setup or configuration is required to use Fusion Drive. 

B. Fusion Drive is not compatible with Time Machine. 

C. Recovery HD is not supported on a Fusion Drive. 

D. A user is able to specify data placement. 


Q18. Which of the following tools is a quick system-level diagnostic test used to verify module presence and sensor readings? 

A. Apple Service Diagnostic (ASD) 

B. Notebook Adapter Diagnostic (NAD) 

C. Mac Resource Inspector (MRI) 

D. Cooling System Diagnostic (CSD) 


Reference:http://tim.id.au/laptops/apple/macbook/mbp15_mid2010.pdf(page 18) 

Q19. The Mac Pro (Late 2013) enclosure is made of the following polishedmaterial that must be handled with care to avoid scratching: 

A. plastic 

B. acrylic 

C. titanium 

D. aluminum 


Q20. Which of the following diagnostics is a unique test suite for Mac mini Server and Mac Pro Server? 






Explanation: Apple Server Diagnostic (AXD)A unique test suite for Mac mini Server, Mac Pro 


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