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August 2, 2017

Secrets to aws sysops certification

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Q121. - (Topic 2) 

A user has stored data on an encrypted EBS volume. The user wants to share the data with his friend’s AWS account. How can user achieve this? 

A. Create an AMI from the volume and share the AMI 

B. Copy the data to an unencrypted volume and then share 

C. Take a snapshot and share the snapshot with a friend 

D. If both the accounts are using the same encryption key then the user can share the volume directly 



AWS EBS supports encryption of the volume. It also supports creating volumes from existing snapshots 

provided the snapshots are created from encrypted volumes. If the user is having data on an encrypted volume and is trying to share it with others, he has to copy the data from the encrypted volume to a new unencrypted volume. Only then can the user share it as an encrypted volume data. Otherwise the snapshot cannot be shared. 

Q122. - (Topic 3) 

A user has launched an EC2 instance. However, due to some reason the instance was terminated. If the user wants to find out the reason for termination, where can he find the details? 

A. It is not possible to find the details after the instance is terminated 

B. The user can get information from the AWS console, by checking the Instance description under the State transition reason label 

C. The user can get information from the AWS console, by checking the Instance description under the Instance Status Change reason label 

D. The user can get information from the AWS console, by checking the Instance description under the Instance Termination reason label 



An EC2 instance, once terminated, may be available in the AWS console for a while after termination. The user can find the details about the termination from the description tab under the label State transition reason. If the instance is still running, there will be no reason listed. If the user has explicitly stopped or terminated the instance, the reason will be “User initiated shutdown”. 

Q123. - (Topic 1) 

You use S3 to store critical data for your company Several users within your group currently have lull permissions to your S3 buckets You need to come up with a solution mat does not impact your users and also protect against the accidental deletion of objects. 

Which two options will address this issue? Choose 2 answers 

A. Enable versioning on your S3 Buckets 

B. Configure your S3 Buckets with MFA delete 

C. Create a Bucket policy and only allow read only permissions to all users at the bucket level 

D. Enable object life cycle policies and configure the data older than 3 months to be archived in Glacier 

Answer: A,B 

Q124. - (Topic 2) 

A system admin is planning to setup event notifications on RDS. Which of the below mentioned services will help the admin setup notifications? 


B. AWS Cloudtrail 

C. AWS Cloudwatch 




Amazon RDS uses the Amazon Simple Notification Service to provide a notification when an Amazon RDS event occurs. These notifications can be in any notification form supported by Amazon SNS for an AWS region, such as an email, a text message or a call to an HTTP endpoint 

Q125. - (Topic 2) 

An organization is planning to create 5 different AWS accounts considering various security requirements. The organization wants to use a single payee account by using the 

consolidated billing option. Which of the below mentioned statements is true with respect to the above information? 

A. Master (Payee. account will get only the total bill and cannot see the cost incurred by each account 

B. Master (Payee. account can view only the AWS billing details of the linked accounts 

C. It is not recommended to use consolidated billing since the payee account will have access to the linked accounts 

D. Each AWS account needs to create an AWS billing policy to provide permission to the payee account 



AWS consolidated billing enables the organization to consolidate payments for multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS. accounts within a single organization by making a single paying account. Consolidated billing enables the organization to see a combined view of the AWS charges incurred by each account as well as obtain a detailed cost report for each of the individual AWS accounts associated with the paying account. The payee account will not have any other access than billing data of linked accounts. 

Q126. - (Topic 2) 

A user has configured ELB with three instances. The user wants to achieve High Availability as well as 

redundancy with ELB. Which of the below mentioned AWS services helps the user achieve this for ELB? 

A. Route 53 

B. AWS Mechanical Turk 

C. Auto Scaling 




The user can provide high availability and redundancy for applications running behind Elastic Load Balancer by enabling the Amazon Route 53 Domain Name System (DNS. failover for the load balancers. Amazon Route 53 is a DNS service that provides reliable routing to the user’s infrastructure. 

Q127. - (Topic 2) 

An organization has created 50 IAM users. The organization has introduced a new policy which will change the access of an IAM user. How can the organization implement this effectively so that there is no need to apply the policy at the individual user level? 

A. Use the IAM groups and add users as per their role to different groups and apply policy to group 

B. The user can create a policy and apply it to multiple users in a single go with the AWS CLI 

C. Add each user to the IAM role as per their organization role to achieve effective policy setup 

D. Use the IAM role and implement access at the role level 



With AWS IAM, a group is a collection of IAM users. A group allows the user to specify permissions for a collection of users, which can make it easier to manage the permissions for those users. A group helps an organization manage access in a better way; instead of applying at the individual level, the organization can apply at the group level which is applicable to all the users who are a part of that group. 

Q128. - (Topic 2) 

A user is planning to use AWS Cloud formation for his automatic deployment requirements. Which of the below mentioned components are required as a part of the template? 

A. Parameters 

B. Outputs 

C. Template version 

D. Resources 



AWS Cloud formation is an application management tool which provides application modelling, deployment, configuration, management and related activities. The template is a JSON-format, text-based file that describes all the AWS resources required to deploy and run an application. It can have option fields, such as Template Parameters, Output, Data tables, and Template file format version. The only mandatory value is Resource. The user can define the AWS services which will be used/ created by this template inside the Resource section 

Q129. - (Topic 2) 

An organization has added 3 of his AWS accounts to consolidated billing. One of the AWS accounts has 

purchased a Reserved Instance (RI. of a small instance size in the US-East-1a zone. All other AWS accounts are running instances of a small size in the same zone. What will happen in this case for the RI pricing? 

A. Only the account that has purchased the RI will get the advantage of RI pricing 

B. One instance of a small size and running in the US-East-1a zone of each AWS account will get the benefit of RI pricing 

C. Any single instance from all the three accounts can get the benefit of AWS RI pricing if they are running in the same zone and are of the same size 

D. If there are more than one instances of a small size running across multiple accounts in the same zone no one will get the benefit of RI 



AWS consolidated billing enables the organization to consolidate payments for multiple Amazon Web Services (AWS. accounts within a single organization by making a single paying account. For billing purposes, consolidated billing treats all the accounts on the consolidated bill as one account. This means that all accounts on a consolidated bill can receive the hourly cost benefit of the Amazon EC2 Reserved Instances purchased by any other account. In this case only one Reserved Instance has been purchased by one account. Thus, only a single instance from any of the accounts will get the advantage of RI. AWS will implement the blended rate for each instance if more than one instance is running concurrently. 

Q130. - (Topic 3) 

A user has launched an EBS backed instance with EC2-Classic. The user stops and starts the instance. Which of the below mentioned statements is not true with respect to the stop/start action? 

A. The instance gets new private and public IP addresses 

B. The volume is preserved 

C. The Elastic IP remains associated with the instance 

D. The instance may run on a anew host computer 



A user can always stop/start an EBS backed EC2 instance. When the user stops the instance, it first enters the stopping state, and then the stopped state. AWS does not charge the running cost but charges only for the EBS storage cost. If the instance is running in EC2-Classic, it receives a new private IP address; as the Elastic IP address (EIP. associated with the instance is no longer associated with that instance.