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October 11, 2017

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Q181. - (Topic 3) 

A user has launched an RDS MySQL DB with the Multi AZ feature. The user has scheduled the scaling of 

instance storage during maintenance window. What is the correct order of events during maintenance window? 

Perform maintenance on standby 

Promote standby to primary 

Perform maintenance on original primary 

Promote original master back as primary 

A. 1, 2, 3, 4 

B. 1, 2, 3 

C. 2, 3, 1, 4 



Running MySQL on the RDS DB instance as a Multi-AZ deployment can help the user reduce the impact of a maintenance event, as the Amazon will conduct maintenance by following the steps in the below mentioned order: Perform maintenance on standby Promote standby to primary Perform maintenance on original primary, which becomes the new standby. 

Q182. - (Topic 3) 

A user has setup a VPC with CIDR The VPC has a private subnet ( and a public 

subnet ( The user’s data centre has CIDR of and If the private subnet wants to communicate with the data centre, what will happen? 

A. It will allow traffic communication on both the CIDRs of the data centre 

B. It will not allow traffic with data centre on CIDR but allows traffic communication on 

C. It will not allow traffic communication on any of the data centre CIDRs 

D. It will allow traffic with data centre on CIDR but does not allow on 



VPC allows the user to set up a connection between his VPC and corporate or home network data centre. If the user has an IP address prefix in the VPC that overlaps with one of the networks' prefixes, any traffic to the network's prefix is dropped. In this case CIDR falls in the VPC’s CIDR range of Thus, it will not allow traffic on that IP. In the case of, it does not fall in the VPC’s CIDR range. Thus, traffic will be allowed on it. 

Q183. - (Topic 2) 

A user has setup an RDS DB with Oracle. The user wants to get notifications when someone modifies the 

security group of that DB. How can the user configure that? 

A. It is not possible to get the notifications on a change in the security group 

B. Configure SNS to monitor security group changes 

C. Configure event notification on the DB security group 

D. Configure the CloudWatch alarm on the DB for a change in the security group 



Amazon RDS uses the Amazon Simple Notification Service to provide a notification when an Amazon RDS event occurs. These events can be configured for source categories, such as DB instance, DB security group, DB snapshot and DB parameter group. If the user is subscribed to a Configuration Change category for a DB security group, he will be notified when the DB security group is changed. 

Q184. - (Topic 2) 

A user has configured ELB with three instances. The user wants to achieve High Availability as well as 

redundancy with ELB. Which of the below mentioned AWS services helps the user achieve this for ELB? 

A. Route 53 

B. AWS Mechanical Turk 

C. Auto Scaling 




The user can provide high availability and redundancy for applications running behind Elastic Load Balancer by enabling the Amazon Route 53 Domain Name System (DNS. failover for the load balancers. Amazon Route 53 is a DNS service that provides reliable routing to the user’s infrastructure. 

Q185. - (Topic 2) 

A user has setup an EBS backed instance and a CloudWatch alarm when the CPU utilization is more than 65%. The user has setup the alarm to watch it for 5 periods of 5 minutes each. The CPU utilization is 60% between 9 AM to 6 PM. The user has stopped the EC2 instance for 15 minutes between 11 AM to 11:15 AM. What will be the status of the alarm at 11:30 AM? 

A. Alarm 

B. OK 

C. Insufficient Data 

D. Error 



Amazon CloudWatch alarm watches a single metric over a time period the user specifies and performs one or more actions based on the value of the metric relative to a given threshold over a number of time periods. The state of the alarm will be OK for the whole 

day. When the user stops the instance for three periods the alarm may not receive the data 

Q186. - (Topic 1) 

You run a web application where web servers on EC2 Instances are In an Auto Scaling group Monitoring over the last 6 months shows that 6 web servers are necessary to handle the minimum load During the day up to 12 servers are needed Five to six days per year, the number of web servers required might go up to 15. 

What would you recommend to minimize costs while being able to provide hill availability? 

A. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization). 6 Reserved instances {medium utilization), rest covered by On-Demand instances 

B. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization). 6 On-Demand instances, rest covered by Spot Instances 

C. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization) 6 Spot instances, rest covered by On-Demand instances 

D. 6 Reserved instances (heavy utilization) 6 Reserved instances (medium utilization) rest covered by Spot instances 


Q187. - (Topic 3) 

A user is collecting 1000 records per second. The user wants to send the data to CloudWatch using the custom namespace. Which of the below mentioned options is recommended for this activity? 

A. Aggregate the data with statistics, such as Min, max, Average, Sum and Sample data and send the data to CloudWatch 

B. Send all the data values to CloudWatch in a single command by separating them with a comma. CloudWatch will parse automatically 

C. Create one csv file of all the data and send a single file to CloudWatch 

D. It is not possible to send all the data in one call. Thus, it should be sent one by one. CloudWatch will aggregate the data automatically 



AWS CloudWatch supports the custom metrics. The user can always capture the custom data and upload the data to CloudWatch using CLI or APIs. The user can publish data to CloudWatch as single data points or as an aggregated set of data points called a statistic set using the command put-metric-data. It is recommended that when the user is having multiple data points per minute, he should aggregate the data so that it will minimize the number of calls to put-metric-data. In this case it will be single call to CloudWatch instead of 1000 calls if the data is aggregated. 

Q188. - (Topic 3) 

Which method can be used to prevent an IP address block from accessing public objects in an S3 bucket? 

A. Create a bucket policy and apply it to the bucket 

B. Create a NACL and attach it to the VPC of the bucket 

C. Create an ACL and apply it to all objects in the bucket 

D. Modify the IAM policies of any users that would access the bucket 


Explanation: Reference: 


Q189. - (Topic 3) 

A user has created an EBS volume of 10 GB and attached it to a running instance. The user is trying to access EBS for first time. Which of the below mentioned options is the correct statement with respect to a first time EBS access? 

A. The volume will show a size of 8 GB 

B. The volume will show a loss of the IOPS performance the first time 

C. The volume will be blank 

D. If the EBS is mounted it will ask the user to create a file system 



A user can create an EBS volume either from a snapshot or as a blank volume. If the volume is from a snapshot it will not be blank. The volume shows the right size only as long as it is mounted. This shows that the file system is created. When the user is accessing the volume the AWS EBS will wipe out the block storage or instantiate from the snapshot. Thus, the volume will show a loss of IOPS. It is recommended that the user should pre warm the EBS before use to achieve better IO. 

Q190. - (Topic 2) 

A system admin is planning to setup event notifications on RDS. Which of the below mentioned services will help the admin setup notifications? 


B. AWS Cloudtrail 

C. AWS Cloudwatch 




Amazon RDS uses the Amazon Simple Notification Service to provide a notification when an Amazon RDS event occurs. These notifications can be in any notification form supported by Amazon SNS for an AWS region, such as an email, a text message or a call to an HTTP endpoint 

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