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June 8, 2018

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New IBM C2010-530 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Q1. A company needs to enable application server security for Maximo. Which web.xml entry must be set to a value of 1?


B. role-name

C. useAppServerSecurity

D. AppServerSecurityConstraint

Answer: B

Q2. Which one of the following is supported by the Maximo upgrade toolkit to 7.6?

A. Custom extensions

B. Integration definitions

C. Upgrade to Maximo Multitenancy

D. Custom triggers created directly in the database

Answer: A

Q3. In order to analyze Maximo system performance, the Maximo administrator wants to determine SQL statement execution time.

What logging feature is used?

A. Maximo SQL Logger

B. system property mxe.db.logSQL

C. system property mxe.mbocount

D. system property mxe.db.logSQLTimelimit

Answer: A

Q4. A company needs to change a report design file to reflect new business requirements. The report administrator updates the BIRT file accordingly.

What process must be utilized to deploy it in Maximo?

A. Application Importing

B. Report Administration Importing

C. Rebuild Maximo EAR and deploy

D. Apply Configuration Changes in Database Administration

Answer: B

Q5. A Maximo database administrator has imported too many database connections being idle and eventually causing the database to run out of connection resources. The administrator wants to detect and release stale database connections.

Which set of properties must be configured?

A. mxe.db.url, mxe.db.user, mxe.db.password

B. mxe.mbocount, mxe.db.logSQLTimeLimit, mxe.db.fetchResurltLogLimit

C. mxe.db.closelongruncoon, mxe.db.longruntimelimit, mxe.db.detectlongrunconninterval

D. mxe.db.initialConnections, mxe.db.minFreeConnections, mxe.db.maxFreeConnections

Answer: A

Q6. An administrator wants to review integration messages that are flagged with an error. These messages came from an external system and failed to import into Maximo.

Which application is used to manage these messages?

A. Integration -> Message Extract

B. Integration -> Message Tracking

C. Integration -> Message Reprocessing

D. System Configuration -> Platform Configuration -> Error Extract

Answer: C

Q7. A company's IT group has certified support of five relational databases. Which are supported for use with Maximo? (Choose two.)


B. Informix


D. SAP SyBase

E. Microsoft SQL Server

Answer: CE

Q8. A company is installing a new instance of Maximo on Linux and Maximo database creation fails. Where can files be found to help determine why it failed? (Choose two.)

A. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfgTool/logs/

B. /opt/IBM/SMP/properties/versions/

C. /opt/IBM/SMP/maximo/tool/maximo/logs/

D. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfigTool/database/logs/

E. /opt/IBM/SMP/ConfigTool/ant/WAS_ND_Configuration/logs/

Answer: AD

Q9. A company would like to allow users to perform certain Maximo tasks via email. Email Listener has been configured to accept inbound email.

Which Cron Task runs this?

A. LSNRCRON cron task

B. EMAILCRON cron task

C. INBNDEMAIL cron task

D. INBOUNDLSNR cron task

Answer: C

Q10. Maximo Application Servers (JVMs) are showing poor performance and crashing due to 'out of memoryu2019 errors.

How would you diagnose the situation?

A. increase heap memory

B. enable application server logging

C. set maximo root logger to INFO level

D. enable verbose garbage collection (GC)

Answer: D

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