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June 11, 2018

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New IBM C2010-530 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

A company has a requirement to record asset history when the status of a work order changes to complete. In which Maximo application is this defined?

A. Sites

B. Assets

C. Organizations

D. Database Configuration

Answer: A

New Questions 4

A company is running the VMMSYNC Cron Task to add users to Maximo from the LDAP directory server. Not all the users are being created in Maximo.

Which log setting can be defined to see more information?

A. Set log4j.logger.maximo.sql.crontask.VMMSYNC to ERROR

B. Set log4j.logger.maximo.sql.crontask.VMMSYNC to DEBUG

C. Set log4j.logger.maximo.process.crontask.VMMSYNC to ERROR

D. Set log4j.logger.maximo.process.crontask.VMMSYNC to DEBUG

Answer: C

New Questions 5

When building Maximo and Maximo Help EAR files from a command line, what is the default folder where the resulting files will be placed?

A. IBM\\maximo\\default

B. IBM\\SMP\\maximo\\deployment

C. IBM\\SMP\\maximo\\deploymentEAR

D. IBM\\SMP\\maximo\\deployment\\default

Answer: A

New Questions 6

A company has a requirement to modify a purchase requisition publish channel and filter out requisitions that have a status of APPR. This should be accomplished without developing any new code.

Which method should they implement to accomplish this?

A. User Exit

B. Message Routing

C. Processing Rules

D. Automation Scripts

Answer: A

New Questions 7

A deployment specialist is required to add additional languages to Maximo using Tivoli's process automation suite configuration tool. Before starting, the specialist reviews the database configuration to ensure the correct character set for multilingual support is defined.

What are the supported sets? (Choose two.)

A. UTF-8

B. UCS-2

C. UTF-16

D. UCS-16

E. ISO 8559

Answer: AC

New Questions 8

A company wants to conditionally display data the user sees in a Maximo application. What choices are available to accomplish this? (Choose three.)

A. Action

B. Control

C. Escalation

D. Java Class

E. Expression

F. Automaton Script

Answer: BCD

New Questions 9

A global company has five geographical organizations and each organization must manage a unique list of vendors, manufacturer couriers.

What must be configured to meet these requirements?

A. A company set with the "Automatically Add Companies to the Company Master" flag selected.

B. A company set with the "Automatically Add Companies to the Company Master" flag unselected.

C. The creation of an asset record that identifies all vendors, and manufacturers which automatically

creates a storeroom type location to track the asset.

D. The creation of an item master record that identifies all vendors, manufacturers and couriers which automatically creates a storeroom type location to track the item.

Answer: D

New Questions 10

To comply with company security policies, a security administrator needs to change the security group which provides global permissions for all users.

Where can this group be set?

A. Security Groups - Global Security action

B. Security Groups - Security Controls action

C. System Properties - Allusers system property

D. System Properties - Everyone system property

Answer: C

New Questions 11

After installing Maximo, the administrator wishes to confirm that the installation was successful. Which utility and parameter should be used?

A. installVerify.[sh|bat] -action verify

B. installVerify.[sh|bat] -action validate

C. installValidation.[sh|bat) -action verify

D. installValidation.[sh|bat] -action validate

Answer: A

New Questions 12

A company wants a weekly email notification sent to the assigned owner of the Work Order when the status of the Work Order is in a Waiting Material status.

What must be accomplished on the escalation point to meet this requirement?

A. Identify the calendar the escalation will use and set the repeat checkbox to active.

B. Identify the time end/or condition based criteria, and set the frequency checkbox to active.

C. Identify the calendar the escalation will use, identify the time and/or condition based criteria, and set the repeat checkbox to active.

D. Identify the time and/or condition based criteria, set the elapsed time interval to 1, set the elapsed time unit of measure to weeks, and set the repeat checkbox to active.

Answer: C

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