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January 11, 2018

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Q201. A Business Continuity Plan (BCP) is based on 

A. the policy and procedures manual. 

B. an existing BCP from a similar organization. 

C. a review of the business processes and procedures. 

D. a standard checklist of required items and objectives. 


Q202. Which one of the following is a threat related to the use of web-based client side input validation? 

A. Users would be able to alter the input after validation has occurred 

B. The web server would not be able to validate the input after transmission 

C. The client system could receive invalid input from the web server 

D. The web server would not be able to receive invalid input from the client 


Q203. Without proper signal protection, embedded systems may be prone to which type of attack? 

A. Brute force 

B. Tampering 

C. Information disclosure 

D. Denial of Service (DoS) 


Q204. What is the PRIMARY advantage of using automated application security testing tools? 

A. The application can be protected in the production environment. 

B. Large amounts of code can be tested using fewer resources. 

C. The application will fail less when tested using these tools. 

D. Detailed testing of code functions can be performed. 


Q205. Which of the following defines the key exchange for Internet Protocol Security (IPSec)? 

A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) key exchange 

B. Internet Key Exchange (IKE) 

C. Security Key Exchange (SKE) 

D. Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) 


Q206. Which of the following is a reason to use manual patch installation instead of automated patch management? 

A. The cost required to install patches will be reduced. 

B. The time during which systems will remain vulnerable to an exploit will be decreased. 

C. The likelihood of system or application incompatibilities will be decreased. 

D. The ability to cover large geographic areas is increased. 


Q207. Which of the following is the BEST mitigation from phishing attacks? 

A. Network activity monitoring 

B. Security awareness training 

C. Corporate policy and procedures 

D. Strong file and directory permissions 


Q208. When constructing.an.Information Protection.Policy.(IPP), it is important that the stated rules are necessary, adequate, and 

A. flexible. 

B. confidential. 

C. focused. 

D. achievable. 


Q209. While impersonating an Information Security Officer (ISO), an attacker obtains information from company employees about their User IDs and passwords. Which method of information gathering has the attacker used? 

A. Trusted path 

B. Malicious logic 

C. Social engineering 

D. Passive misuse 



Which.Web Services Security (WS-Security) specification.handles the management of security tokens and the underlying policies for granting access? Click on the correct specification in the image below. 


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