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October 24, 2017

Top EXIN,Inc ISFS braindump Choices

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Q41. What is an example of a good physical security measure?

A. All employees and visitors carry an access pass.

B. Printers that are defective or have been replaced are immediately removed and given away as garbage for recycling.

C. Maintenance staff can be given quick and unimpeded access to the server area in the event of disaster.

Answer: A

Q42. Logging in to a computer system is an access-granting process consisting of three steps:

identification, authentication and authorization. What occurs during the first step of this process: identification?

A. The first step consists of checking if the user is using the correct certificate.

B. The first step consists of checking if the user appears on the list of authorized users.

C. The first step consists of comparing the password with the registered password.

D. The first step consists of granting access to the information to which the user is authorized.

Answer: B

Q43. Why is air-conditioning placed in the server room?

A. In the server room the air has to be cooled and the heat produced by the equipment has to be extracted. The air in the room is also dehumidified and filtered.

B. When a company wishes to cool its offices, the server room is the best place. This way, no office space needs to be sacrificed for such a large piece of equipment.

C. It is not pleasant for the maintenance staff to have to work in a server room that is too warm.

D. Backup tapes are made from thin plastic which cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore, if it gets too hot in a server room, they may get damaged.

Answer: A

Q44. What is the relationship between data and information?

A. Data is structured information.

B. Information is the meaning and value assigned to a collection of data.

Answer: B

Q45. You are the owner of the courier company SpeeDelivery. You have carried out a risk analysis and now want to determine your risk strategy. You decide to take measures for the large risks but not for the small risks. What is this risk strategy called?

A. Risk bearing

B. Risk avoiding

C. Risk neutral

Answer: C

Q46. Which type of malware builds a network of contaminated computers?

A. Logic Bomb

B. Storm Worm or Botnet

C. Trojan

D. Virus

Answer: B

Q47. The consultants at Smith Consultants Inc. work on laptops that are protected by asymmetrical cryptography. To keep the management of the keys cheap, all consultants use the same key pair.

What is the companys risk if they operate in this manner?

A. If the private key becomes known all laptops must be supplied with new keys.

B. If the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) becomes known all laptops must be supplied with new keys.

C. If the public key becomes known all laptops must be supplied with new keys.

Answer: A

Q48. Some threats are caused directly by people, others have a natural cause. What is an example of an intentional human threat?

A. Lightning strike

B. Arson

C. Flood

D. Loss of a USB stick

Answer: B

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