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February 8, 2018

Top EXIN,Inc ITILFND faq Choices

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Q51. Who is responsible for ensuring that the request fulfillment process is being performed according to the agreed and documented standard? 

A. The IT director 

B. The process owner 

C. The service owner 

D. The customer 


Q52. Which process will regularly anal0yse incident data to identify discernible trends? 

A. Service level management 

B. Problem management 

C. C0hange management 

D. Event management 


Q53. At which stage of the service lifecycle should the processes necessary to operate a new service be defined? 

A. Service design: Design the processes 

B. Service strategy: Develop the offerings 

C. Service transition: Plan and prepare for deployment 

D. Service operation: IT operations management 


Q54. Which of the following is MOST concerned with the design of new or changed services? 

A. Change management 

B. Service transition 

C. Service strategy 

D. Service design 


Q55. The design of IT services requires the effective and efficient use of "the four Ps". What are these four Ps? 

A. People, process, partners, performance 

B. Performance, process, products, plans 

C. People, process, products, partners 

D. People, products, plans, partners 


Q56. What are the three types of metrics that an organization should collect to support continual service improvement (CSI)? 

A. Return on investment (ROI), value on investment (VOI), quality 

B. Strategic, tactical and operational 

C. Critical success factors (CSFs), key performance indicators (KPIs), activities 

D. Technology, process and service 


Q57. What guidance does ITIL give on the frequency of production of service reporting? 

A. Service reporting intervals must be defined and agreed with the customers 

B. Reporting intervals should be set by the service provider 

C. Reports should be produced weekly 

D. Service reporting intervals must be the same for all services 


Q58. Which of these recommendations is best practice for service level management? 

1. Include legal terminology in service level agreements (SLAs) 

2. It is NOT necessary to be able to measure all the targets in an SLA 

A. 1 only 

B. 2only 

C. Both of the above 

D. Neither of the above 


Q59. Which of the following are types of service defined in ITIL? 







A. 1 and 3only 

B. All of the above 

C. 1 and 2 only 

D. 2 and 3 only 


Q60. Which of these should a change model include? 


 The steps that should be taken to handle the change 


 Responsibilities; who should do what, including escalation 


 Timescales and thresholds for completion of the actions 


 Complaints procedures 

A. 1, 2 and 3 only 

B. All of the above 

C. 1 and 3 only 

D. 2 and 4 only 


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