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February 8, 2018

Top Network Appliance NS0-504 samples Choices

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Q21. After issuing the aggr split aggr0/plex0 aggrNew command ____________.

A. there is a new plex called aggrNew

B. there are two new plexes, plex0 and plexNew

C. there is a new mirrored aggregate called aggrNew

D. there are two unmirrored aggregates, aggr0 and aggrNew

E. flexible volumes are evenly split between aggr0 and aggrNew

Answer: D

Q22. Which statement best describes the output of this command? sysstat -s 5

A. Display the default output every five seconds and terminate after five counts.

B. Display extended output every five seconds and print a summary after five counts.

C. Display extended output every five seconds and print a summary upon termination.

D. Display the default output every five seconds and print a summary upon termination.

Answer: D

Q23. An organization currently has a NetApp Fibre Channel block-based solution. With limited budget and resources, they want to create a new disaster recovery site that utilizes a NetApp solution. What would the optimal solution include?

A. SnapMover and Fibre Channel at the disaster recovery site for all hosts

B. SnapMirror and iSCSI at the disaster recovery site for all hosts

C. Fibre Channel at both locations using ftp to replicate storage

D. MetroCluster and NAS

Answer: B

Q24. Which set of protocols provide block-level access to NetApp storage?

A. SNA and RPC

B. iSCSI and FCP



Answer: B

Q25. To collect per client NFS statistics on a storage system, the option nfs.per_client_stats.enablemust be set on.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Q26. A NearStore license increases the amount of concurrent replication streams.

A. True

B. False

Answer: A

Q27. Which two statements apply to an entry in the /etc/exports file regarding exporting directories/qtrees and volumes? (Choose two.)

A. Each volume must be exported separately.

B. Exports are accessible only to hosts with names.

C. User names used in an export must be resolvable.

D. Exports can access multiple paths on the same volume.

Answer: AD

Q28. When using MetroCluster in a forced takeover mode, identify two methods for restricting access to the disaster site node. (Choose two.)

A. Use manual fencing.

B. Use the cf giveback -f command.

C. Use the cf forcetakeover -d command.

D. Turn off power to the disaster site node.

E. Isolate the failed node from the surviving node.

Answer: AD

Q29. Click the Exhibit Button


The table highlights the space management policy that is defined for a particular flexvol, acmevol. Based on the information provided in the table, which action will the storage controller take when it runs out of space in the volume?

A. It will try deleting Snapshot copies first to reclaim space before trying to grow the volume.

B. It will grow the volume before deleting Snapshot copies.

C. It will only try deleting Snapshot copies to reclaim space and will not grow the volume.

D. It is irrelevant since fractional_reserve is 0%.

Answer: D

Q30. A SnapVault secondary volume can contain up to ___ Snapshot copies for data protection.

A. 125

B. 251

C. 255

D. Depends on capacity and number of disk drives

Answer: B

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