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February 12, 2018

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Q491. Which of the following statements best describes the influence of stakeholders and the cost of changes as project time advances? 

A. The influence of the stakeholders increases, the cost of changes increases. 

B. The influence of the stakeholders decreases, the cost of changes increases. 

C. The influence of the stakeholders increases, the cost of changes decreases. 

D. The influence of the stakeholders decreases, the cost of changes decreases. 


Q492. A benefit of using virtual teams in the Acquire Project Team process is the reduction of the: 

A. cultural differences of team members 

B. possibility ofcommunication misunderstandings 

C. costs associated with travel 

D. costs associated with technology 


Q493. Which of the following correctly lists the configuration management activities included in the Integrated Change Control process? 

A. Configuration definition, configuration status accounting, configuration monitoring and control 

B. Configuration identification, configuration status accounting, configuration verification and audit 

C. Configuration identification, configuration status reporting, configuration verification and audit 

D. Configuration definition, configuration status reporting, configuration monitoring and Control 


Q494. Based on the following metrics: EV= $20,000, AC= $22,000, and PV= $28,000, what is the project CV? 

A. -8000 

B. -2000 

C. 2000 

D. 8000 


Q495. Project or phase closure guidelines or requirements, historical information, and the lessons learned knowledge base are examples of which input to the Close Project or Phase process? 

A. Organizational process assets 

B. A work breakdown structure 

C. The project management plan 

D. Enterprise environmental factors 


Q496. Which type of dependency is established based on knowledge of best practices within a particular application area or some unusual aspect of the project in which a specific sequence is desired, even though there may be other acceptable sequences? 

A. External 

B. Internal 

C. Mandatory 

D. Discretionary 


Q497. Which process involves the creation of a document that provides the project manager with the authority to apply resources to a project? 

A. Define Activities 

B. Direct and Manage Project Work 

C. Develop Project Management Plan 

D. Develop Project Charter 


Q498. In which Process Group are lessons learned documented? 

A. Planning 

B. Closing 

C. Executing 

D. Initiating 


Q499. Which input to the Plan Risk Management process provides information on high-level risks? 

A. Project charter 

B. Enterprise environmental factors 

C. Stakeholder register 

D. Organizational process assets 


Q500. Work performance information and cost forecasts are outputs of which Project Cost Management process? 

A. Estimate Costs 

B. Plan Cost Management 

C. Determine Budget 

D. Control Costs 


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