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January 11, 2018

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Q271. Risk event is the description of what may happen to the _____ of the project.

A. Manager

B. harm

C. Schedul

D. Budget

Answer: B

Q272. Which statement is not true regarding the issue logs?

A. Issue logs are written logs that document person responsible for resolving for specific issue by a target date.

B. Issue logs are tool of Manage Stakeholder Expectations process.

C. Issue logs are tool of manage project team process.

D. Issue logs describe the ground rules and conflict management procedures to manage the project.

Answer: D

Q273. The receiver filters messages based on all but the following:

A. Culture

B. Semantics

C. Language

D. Distance

Answer: D

Q274. Acceptance of the product should be ________.

A. Formal

B. Consistent

C. Personal

D. Verbal

Answer: A

Q275. Which of the following is not a form a leadership power?

A. Compromise

B. Smoothing

C. Foimal

D. Coercive

Answer: B

Q276. Your company create software products, and introducing a new product. To determine the characteristics and features of the new product line, you will have to perform ________.

A. Progressive elaboration

B. Stake holder's review

C. p'an project life cycle

D. Fast backing

Answer: A

Q277. As a CAPM, you will be required to comply with the CAPM Code of Professional Conduct. This code refers to all of the following except which one?

A. Reporting conflicts of interest

B. Complying with the stakeholder requirements

C. Reporting experience and CAPM status truthfully

D. Complying with the rules and standards of foreign countries

Answer: B

Q278. A Resource Leveling is a technique for:

A. Develop Schedule

B. Estimate Activity Durations

C. Estimate Activity Resources

D. Sequence Activities

Answer: A

Q279. Communication between the project manager and the project team members should take place:

A. Via daily status report.

B. Through approved documented forms.

C. By written and oral communication.

D. Through the formal chain of comman

Answer: C

Q280. Which of the following statements concerning acceptance sampling is false?

A. Used when expensive and time-consuming to test the product 100%.

B. The number of allowable defects before lot is rejected is predetermined.

C. Inspection and test standards must be established to ensure that procedures can adequately determine conformance and non-conformance.

D. All of the above are true.

Answer: D

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