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February 8, 2018

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Q111. There are seven risks responses that a project manager can choose from. Which risk response is appropriate for both positive and negative risk events? 

A. Acceptance 

B. Sharing 

C. Transference 

D. Mitigation 


Q112. Which types of project tends to have more well-understood risks? 

A. Operational work projects 

B. First-of-its kind technology projects 

C. Recurrent projects 

D. State-of-art technology projects 


Q113. Donna is the project manager of the QSD Project and she believes Risk Event D in the following figure is likely to happen. 

If this event does happen, how much will Donna have left in the risk contingency reserve if none of the other risk events have happened? 

A. $35,000 

B. $41,700 

C. $14,000 

D. $6,700 


Q114. Della works as a project manager for SoftTech Inc. She is working with the project stakeholders to begin the quantitative risk analysis process. Which of the following inputs will be needed for the quantitative risk analysis process in her project? Each correct answer represents a complete solution. Choose all that apply. 

A. Risk management plan 

B. Project scope statement 

C. Risk register 

D. Cost management plan 

Answer: A,C,D 

139. You are the project manager of the GHY Project for your company. You need to complete a project management process that will be on the lookout for new risks, changing risks, and risks that are now outdated. Which project management process is responsible for these actions? 

A. Risk planning 

B. Risk identification 

C. Risk monitoring and controlling 

D. Risk analysis 


Q115. Virginia is the project manager for her organization. She has hired a subject matter expert to interview the project stakeholders on certain identified risks within the project. The subject matter expert will assess the risk event with what specific goal in mind? 

A. To determine the level of probability and impact for each risk event 

B. To determine the bias of the risk event based on each person interviewed 

C. To determine the probability and cost of the risk event 

D. To determine the validity of each risk event 


Q116. You are interviewing members of a project team to test their understanding of the assigned risk responses as risk owners. You and the project manager are working together to evaluate the risk responses to determine their effectiveness in the project. What project management technique are you performing with the project manager in this scenario? 

A. Risk audits 

B. Stakeholder analysis as the project team is a stakeholder 

C. Risk identification with the project team 

D. Risk analysis 


Q117. Ned is the project manager of the HNN project for your company. Ned has asked you to help him complete some probability distributions for his project. What portion of the project will you most likely use for probability distributions? 

A. Bias towards risk in new resources 

B. Risk probability and impact matrixes 

C. Risk identification 

D. Uncertainty in values such as duration of schedule activities 


Q118. You are the project manager of the GHY project for your organization. You are working with your project team to begin identifying risks for the project. As part of your preparation for identifying the risks within the project you will need eleven inputs for the process. Which one of the following is NOT an input to the risk identification process? 

A. Quality management plan 

B. Cost management plan 

C. Stakeholder register 

D. Procurement management plan 


Q119. Harold is the project manager of a large project in his organization. He has been actively communicating and working with the project stakeholders. One of the outputs of the manage stakeholder expectations process can actually create new risk events for Harold's project. Which output of the manage stakeholder expectations process can create risks? 

A. Project document updates 

B. Change requests 

C. Organizational process assets updates 

D. Project management plan updates 


Q120. Nancy is the project manager of the NHH project. She and the project team have identified a significant risk in the project during the qualitative risk analysis process. Bob is familiar with the technology that the risk is affecting and proposes to Nancy a solution to the risk event. Nancy tells Bob that she has noted his response, but the risk really needs to pass through the quantitative risk analysis process before creating responses. Bob disagrees and ensures Nancy that his response is most appropriate for the identified risk. Who is correct in this scenario? 

A. Bob is correct. Bob is familiar with the technology and the risk event so his response should be implemented. 

B. Bob is correct. Not all risk events have to pass the quantitative risk analysis process to develop effective risk responses. 

C. Nancy is correct. All risks of significant probability and impact should pass the quantitative risk analysis process before risk responses are created. 

D. Nancy is correct. Because Nancy is the project manager she can determine the correct procedures for risk analysis and risk responses. In addition, she has noted the risk response that Bob recommends. 


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