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February 8, 2018

Top Tips Of PMI-SP braindumps

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Q181. Holly is the project manager for her organization. She is creating the activity list and would like to tag those activities that are comprised of discrete effort. What is discrete effort?

A. It is a term used to describe activities whose effort cannot be directly measured to the project objectives.

B. It is a term used to describe activities whose effort can be directly measured and linked to the project objectives.

C. It is a term used to describe activities that are supportive of the project work, but not linked to the project deliverables.

D. It is a term used to describe activities that are core project management processes, but not core project activities.

Answer: B

Q182. Paula works as a project manager for her organization. She is working with the project team to define the activity attributes. Which of the following is NOT a valid activity attribute?

A. Activity Name

B. Activity ID

C. Risk event


Answer: C

Q183. Allen works as a project manager of the NHY project. This project is scheduled to last for two years and has a BAC of $5,400,000. He is currently 45 percent complete with this project, though he is supposed to be at his second milestone, which accounts for half of the project completion. There have been some errors in the project, which have caused Allen to spend $2,093,754. What is this project's schedule variance?

A. - $210,000

B. - $720,000

C. - $250,000

D. - $270,000

Answer: D

Q184. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Some of the activities in your project are not being completed on time. You review these activities with your project team discovered that the time estimates for the project are much more aggressive than what they are actually experiencing in the completion of the activities. You decide on to create a new schedule for the project. What project management process are you working with when you create a new target schedule?

A. Estimate activity durations

B. Estimate activity resources

C. Control schedule

D. Develop schedule

Answer: C

Q185. Harry works as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. A risk that has been identified and analyzed in the project planning processes is now coming into fruition. Who among the following is responsible for implementing the risk responses or contingency plan?

A. Risk owner

B. Harry

C. Project sponsor

D. Subject matter expert

Answer: A

Q186. You work as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. You are creating the activity list for the project. The activity list is based on the work packages defined in the project's WBS. Activities provide a basis for all of the following information except for which one?

A. Scope baseline

B. Executing

C. Scheduling

D. Estimates

Answer: A

Q187. Which of the following individuals performs various management roles within an administrative or functional area of the business, such as human resources, finance, accounting, or procurement?

A. Seller

B. Operations manager

C. Functional manager

D. Project manager

Answer: C

Q188. You are working as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Which of the following tools and techniques of the Define Activity process will help you in identifying the typical schedule milestones?

A. Expert Judgment

B. Decomposition

C. Rolling Wave Planning

D. Templates

Answer: D

Q189. You are the project manager of the NHT Project. This project has 12,345 office doors to install throughout a campus. Each of the doors costs the project $456 and requires special hardware to electronically lock and open the doors. You've gathered the project team before they begin the installation for a hands-on training. As a group you and the project team install 50 doors following a checklist of instructions so that every door will be installed exactly the same throughout the campus and with minimal waste. This is an example of what project execution technique?

A. Preventive action

B. Defect repair validation

C. Implemented corrective action

D. Quality control

Answer: A

Q190. You work as the project manager for BlueWell Inc. You are reviewing and regulating the progress to meet the performance objectives defined in the project management plan. Mark, a trainee, has a doubt related to the inputs of monitor and control project work. Which of the following is the input to monitor and control project work?

A. Project document updates

B. Expert judgment

C. Performance report

D. Project management plan updates

Answer: C

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