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April 20, 2017

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Q91. A strong pipeline requires sales and marketing alignment. Which ofthe following example describes a need for sales and marketing alignment?

A. Leads are qualified but not routed to the right people

B. Campaigns are launched without communicating the follow-up plan

C. Leads are tracked in separate systems, not accessible by all

D. As business matures, it becomes difficult to identify right prospects

Answer: B

Q92. What should you keep in mind when designing a solution to improve Sales Rep productivity? (Select all that apply)

A. Links may be confusing; use them sparingly

B. Including AppExchange mash-ups may slow down Sales Reps

C. Information should be entered only once

D. Finding information should only be a few clicks away

Answer: CD

Q93. Describe Quota.

A. Benchmark of how much should be sold within acertain time frame

B. Revenue projection that can be expressed indollar amounts, units of product family, or both

C. Consists of opportunities in various stages of maturity

Answer: A

Q94. What are the factors that influence marketing metrics and drive key marketing business challenges?

A. Insufficient lead generation

B. Poor alignment with sales

C. Measuring marketing ROI

Answer: A

Q95. Match the following loading option to the description of when to useit. "Manual Entry"

A. Brian wants to consolidate all his accounts from several systems.

B. Bill wants to load 20,000 lead records.

C. Beckywants to load all her 65,000 contact records.

D. Bob wants to load a single account record.

E. Berta wants to keep a separate system as her "system of record"

Answer: D


How is currency applied where a company is using multi currency?

Answer: Every user also has a personal currency, which is used as the default currency in his or her own quotas, forecasts (depending on which forecasting version you use), opportunities, quotes, and reports.Users can also create opportunities and enter amounts using otheractive currencies.


What are forecast categories?

Answer: Best Case includes amounts you are likely to close, closed/won opportunity amounts, and amounts in the Commit category Closed includes amounts for closed/won opportunities

Commit includes amounts you are confident about closing and closed/won opportunityamounts

Omitted means the amount does not contribute to your forecast Pipeline includes amounts from all open opportunities


What trigger actions are available to a developer if writing anApex triggeron the Chatter Feed Item object?

Answer: 1. Before undelete

2. Before delete

Q99. Which of the following stage should be matched with the Forecast Category "Pipeline"?

A. Early pipeline stages

B. Mid pipeline

C. Late pipeline stages

D. Closed and Won

E. Closed and Lost

Answer: A


What is Salesforce to Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce to Salesforce is a mechanism for connecting two separate orgs (same or different companies) and enabling the sharing of leads, opportunities, contact, task, product, case attachments or datastored in custom objects with partners that use Salesforce in real time.

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