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September 11, 2018

Questions Ask for ccna 100 105 pdf

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New Cisco 100-105 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 10 - Question 19)

Q10. Which statement is true?

A. An IPv6 address is 64 bits long and is represented as hexadecimal characters.

B. An IPv6 address is 32 bits long and is represented as decimal digits.

C. An IPv6 address is 128 bits long and is represented as decimal digits.

D. An IPv6 address is 128 bits long and is represented as hexadecimal characters.

Answer: D


http://www.cisco.com/en/US/technologies/tk648/tk872/technologies_white_paper0900aecd 8026003d.pdf

One of the key advantages IPv6 brings is the exponentially larger address space. The following will outline the basic address architecture of IPv6.

128-bit-long addresses Represented in hexadecimal format:

Uses CIDR principles: prefix/prefix length x:x:x:x:x:x:x:x, where x is a 16-bit hex field The last 64 bits are used for the interface ID

Q11. Given an IP address of, what is the subnet address?






Answer: C


248 mask uses 5 bits (1111 1000)

42 IP in binary is (0010 1010)

The base subnet therefore is the lowest binary value that can be written without changing the output of an AND operation of the subnet mask and IP...

1111 1000 AND

0010 1010 equals

0010 1000 - which is .40

/24 is standard class C mask.

Adding the 5 bits from the .248 mask gives /29

Q12. Which characteristics are representative of a link-state routing protocol? (Choose three.)

A. provides common view of entire topology

B. exchanges routing tables with neighbors

C. calculates shortest path

D. utilizes event-triggered updates

E. utilizes frequent periodic updates

Answer: A,C,D


Each of routers running link-state routing protocol learns paths to all the destinations in its u201careau201d so we can say although it is a bit unclear.

Link-state routing protocols generate routing updates only (not the whole routing table) when a change occurs in the network topology so

Link-state routing protocol like OSPF uses Dijkstra algorithm to calculate the shortest path -

> .Unlike Distance vector routing protocol (which utilizes frequent periodic updates), link-state routing protocol utilizes event-triggered updates (only sends update when a change occurs)

Q13. Refer to the exhibit.

Host A can communicate with Host B but not with Hosts C or D. How can the network administrator solve this problem?

A. Configure Hosts C and D with IP addresses in the network.

B. Install a router and configure a route to route between VLANs 2 and 3.

C. Install a second switch and put Hosts C and D on that switch while Hosts A and B remain on the original switch.

D. Enable the VLAN trunking protocol on the switch.

Answer: B


Two VLANs require a router in between otherwise they cannot communicate. Different VLANs and different IP subnets need a router to route between them.

Q14. Refer to the exhibit.

PC1 pings PC2. What three things will CORE router do with the data that is received from PC1? (Choose three.)

A. The data frames will be forwarded out interface FastEthernet0/1 of CORE router.

B. The data frames will be forwarded out interface FastEthernet1/0 of CORE router.

C. CORE router will replace the destination IP address of the packets with the IP address of PC2.

D. CORE router will replace the MAC address of PC2 in the destination MAC address of

the frames.

E. CORE router will put the IP address of the forwarding FastEthernet interface in the place of the source IP address in the packets.

F. CORE router will put the MAC address of the forwarding FastEthernet interface in the place of the source MAC address.

Answer: B,D,F


The router will forward the frames out the interface toward the destination u2013 B is correct. Since the router will has the end station already in itu2019s MAC table as see by the u201cshow arpu201d command, it will replace the destination MAC address to that of PC2 u2013 D is correct.

The router will then replace the source IP address to u2013 E is correct.

Q15. Refer to the exhibit.

Which two statements are true about the loopback address that is configured on RouterB? (Choose two.)

A. It ensures that data will be forwarded by RouterB.

B. It provides stability for the OSPF process on RouterB.

C. It specifies that the router ID for RouterB should be

D. It decreases the metric for routes that are advertised from RouterB.

E. It indicates that RouterB should be elected the DR for the LAN.

Answer: B,C


A loopback interface never comes down even if the link is broken so it provides stability for

the OSPF process (for example we use that loopback interface as the router-id) - The router-ID is chosen in the order below:

+ The highest IP address assigned to a loopback (logical) interface.

+ If a loopback interface is not defined, the highest IP address of all active routeru2019s physical interfaces will be chosen.

-> The loopback interface will be chosen as the router ID of RouterB -

Q16. What OSPF command, when configured, will include all interfaces into area 0?

A. network area 0

B. network area 0

C. network area 0

D. network all-interfaces area 0

Answer: A


Example 3-1 displays OSPF with a process ID of 1 and places all interfaces configured with an IP address in area 0. The network command network area 0

dictates that you do not care ( what the IP address is, but if an IP address is enabled on any interface, place it in area 0.

Example 3-1 Configuring OSPF in a Single Area

router ospf 1

network area 0

Reference: http://www.ciscopress.com/articles/article.asp?p=26919&seqNum=3

Q17. Refer to the exhibit.

A TFTP server has recently been installed in the Atlanta office. The network administrator is located in the NY office and has made a console connection to the NY router. After establishing the connection they are unable to backup the configuration file and IOS of the NY router to the TFTP server. What is the cause of this problem?

A. The NY router has an incorrect subnet mask.

B. The TFTP server has an incorrect IP address.

C. The TFTP server has an incorrect subnet mask.

D. The network administrator computer has an incorrect IP address.

Answer: C


The TFTP server is using a mask of (/28) while the router is configured with a /29. Because of this, the Atlanta router does not see the TFTP server as being in the same subnet.

Q18. How many addresses will be available for dynamic NAT translation when a router is configured with the following commands?

Router(config)#ip nat pool TAME netmask

Router(config)#ip nat inside source list 9 pool TAME

A. 7

B. 8

C. 9

D. 10

E. 24

F. 32

Answer: B

Explanation: to provides for 8 addresses.

Q19. Refer to the exhibit.

A network administrator has configured a Catalyst 2950 switch for remote management by pasting into the console the configuration commands that are shown in the exhibit. However, a Telnet session cannot be successfully established from a remote host. What should be done to fix this problem?

A. Change the first line to interface fastethernet 0/1.

B. Change the first line to interface vlan 0/1.

C. Change the fifth line to ip default-gateway

D. Change the fifth line to ip route

E. Change the sixth line to line con 0.

Answer: C


The default gateway must reside on the same IP subnet as the device. Here, the subnet mask for the VLAN interface is /228. Only choice C will fix this issue, as then the default gateway is on the same subnet as the 2950.

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