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February 6, 2018

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Q21. - (Topic 11) 

You are configuring VTIs in a clustered environment. On Peer A the VTI name is VT_Cluster_GWA and on Peer B the VTI name is VT_Cluster_GWB. You find that the route-based tunnel is not coming up. What could be the cause? 

A. The names for your peers have been reversed. 

B. You have not issued the command “vpn write config’ command. 

C. You have not licensed your gateways for VTIs. 

D. All VTIs going to the same remote peer must have the same name. 


Q22. - (Topic 3) 

With the default ClusterXL settings what will be the state of an active gateway upon using the command ClusterXL_admin up? 

A. Ready 

B. Down 

C. Standby 

D. Active 


Q23. - (Topic 11) 

What operating systems support unnumbered VTIs? 

A. GAIA and Secure Platform 

B. Solaris and IPSO 


D. Secure Platform and IPSO 


Q24. - (Topic 2) 

Server A is subject to automatically static NAT and also resides on a network which is subject to automatic Hide NAT. With regards to address translation what will happen when Server A initiates outbound communication? 

A. This will cause a policy verification error. 

B. This is called hairpin NAT, the traffic will return to the server. 

C. The static NAT will take precedence. 

D. The Hide NAT will take precedence. 


Q25. - (Topic 9) 

Which of the following IPS Layers is a set of signatures and/or handlers, where: 

?Signature is a malicious pattern that is searched for. 

?Handler is the INSPECT code that performs more complex inspection. 

A. Passive Streaming Library (PSL) 

B. Protections 

C. Context Management Interface layer (CMI) 

D. Protocol Parsers 


Q26. - (Topic 9) 

What steps can be taken if IPS is causing a High Performance Impact? 

A. Consider activating the "Bypass under Load" IPS setting on the gateway 

B. Check your IPS configuration assigned to this gateway and deactivate protections with critical or high performance impact 

C. Determine if different or custom IPS profiles are better suited for different gateways in your organization 

D. All options listed 


Topic 10, IPV6 

Q27. - (Topic 2) 

In your SecurePlatform configuration you need to set up a manual static NAT entry. After creating the proper NAT rule what step needs to be completed? 

A. Edit or create the file local.arp. 

B. No further actions are required. 

C. Edit or create the file discntd.if. 

D. Edit the file netconf.conf. 


Q28. - (Topic 1) 

Which process should you debug when SmartDashboard authentication is rejected? 

A. fwm 

B. cpd 

C. fwd 

D. DAService 


Q29. - (Topic 8) 

Your customer has a well optimized Rule Base with most traffic accelerated by SecureXL..They are still seeing slow performance..They are using an 8 core machine..They see the following output from fw ctl affinity -l. What could be done to improve performance with this deployment? 

A. Increase the number of cores dedicated to logging. 

B. Increase the number of Secure Network Dispatchers as the accelerated traffic is not passed to a worker core. 

C. Add more CPU resources to the hardware. 

D. Upgrade to SAM hardware. 


Q30. - (Topic 3) 

What mechanism solves asymmetric routing issues in a load sharing cluster? 

A. Flush and ACK 

B. Stateful Inspection 

C. SYN Defender 

D. State Synchronization 


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