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November 5, 2016

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2016 Nov 156-115.77 brain dumps

Q121. - (Topic 4) 

Which command displays compression/decompression statistics? 

A. vpn ver –k 

B. vpn compstat 

C. vpn compreset 

D. vpn crlview 


Q122. - (Topic 4) 

You are experiencing an issue where Endpoint Connect client connects successfully however, it disconnects every 20 seconds. What is the most likely cause of this issue? 

A. The Accept Remote Access control connections is not enabled in Global Properties > FireWall Implied Rules. 

B. You have selected IKEv2 only in Global Properties > Remote Access > VPN – Authentication and Encryption. 

C. You are not licensed for Endpoint Connect client. 

D. Your remote access community is not configured. 


Q123. - (Topic 9) 

Which of the following IPS Layers is a set of signatures and/or handlers, where: 

?Signature is a malicious pattern that is searched for. 

?Handler is the INSPECT code that performs more complex inspection. 

A. Passive Streaming Library (PSL) 

B. Protections 

C. Context Management Interface layer (CMI) 

D. Protocol Parsers 


Q124. - (Topic 8) 

A Security Administrator wants to increase the amount of processing cores on a Check Point Security Gateway. He starts by increasing the number of cores, however the number of kernel instances remain the same way. What is the correct process to increase the number of kernel instances? 

A. Cpconfig- Enable Check Point CoreXL- Change the number of firewall instances-define how many firewall instances to enable-cprestart 

B. Cpconfig- Check Point CoreXL- Change the number of firewall instances-define how many firewall instances to enable-reboot 

C. Cpconfig- Enable Check Point ClusterXL- Change the number of firewall instances-define how many firewall instances to enable-reboot 

D. Cpconfig- Check Point CoreXL- Change the number of firewall instances-define how many firewall instances to enable-cpstop,cpstart 


Q125. - (Topic 2) 

Since switching your network to ISP redundancy you find that your outgoing static NAT connections are failing. You use the command _________ to debug the issue. 

A. fwaccel stats misp 

B. fw ctl pstat 

C. fw ctl debug -m fw + nat drop 

D. fw tab -t fwx_alloc -x 


Up to the minute 156-115.77 test:

Q126. - (Topic 11) 

You are trying to set “VPN Directional Match” on the VPN column but the “Directional Match Condition” option is not there. Why is this missing? 

A. The peer does not support this feature. 

B. This can only be done in Traditional Mode. 

C. You must turn this feature on through Global Properties > VPN > Advanced, then select Enable VPN Directional Match in VPN column. 

D. This must be enabled on the Gateway in “Advanced Settings”. 


287. - (Topic 11) 

Where do you configure the file user.def to change the encryption domain of the Security Gateway? 

A. Management Server 

B. Endpoint Client 

C. Security Gateway 

D. interoperable device 


Q127. - (Topic 7) 

To check what is currently set in the Firewall kernel debug input the command: 

A. fw ctl multistate 

B. fw ctl debug –x 

C. fw ctl pstat 

D. fw ctl debug 


Q128. - (Topic 5) 

What is the corresponding connection template entered into the SecureXL connection table from the connection: “ >” 

A. “ >” 

B. “ >*” 

C. “* >*” 

D. “* >” 


Q129. - (Topic 5) 

Look at the follow Rule Base display. Rule 5 contains a TIME object. What is the effect on the following rules? 

A. Rule 6 will be eligible but Rule 7 will not. 

B. All subsequent rules below Rule 5 will not be templated, regardless of the rule 

C. No effect. Rules 6 and 7 will be eligible for templating. 

D. The restriction on one rule does not affect later rules with regards to templates. 


Q130. - (Topic 6) 

You have just configured HA and find that connections are not being synced. When you have a failover, users complain that they are losing their connections. What command could you run to see the state synchronization statistics? 

A. fw ctl pstat 

B. fw sync stats 

C. cphaprob stat 

D. fw ctl get int fw_state_sync_stats 


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