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July 12, 2016

Today Big Q: 1z0-052 dumps?

Exam Code: 1Z0-052 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Oracle Database 11g: Administration I
Certification Provider: Oracle
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2016 Jul oracle 11g 1z0-052 oca latest dumps:

Q1. View the Exhibit and examine the attributes of an undo tablespace. In an OLTP system, the user SCOTT has started a query on a large table in the peak transactional hour that performs bulk inserts. The query runs for more than 15 minutes and then SCOTT receives the following error:

ORA-01555: snapshot too old

What could be the reason for this error?


A. The query is unable to get a read-consistent image.

B. There is not enough space in Flash Recovery Area.

C. There is not enough free space in the flashback archive.

D. The query is unable to place data blocks in undo tablespace.

Answer: A

Q2. Which three statements regarding the server parameter file (SPFILE) are true? (Choose three.)

A. An SPFILE is a binary file

B. An SPFILE cannot reside on a client

C. An SPFILE cannot contain static parameters

D. An SPFILE can store changes persistently across instance restarts

E. An SPFILE can be read by the database server, but it is not written to by the server

F. An SPFILE must be created manually, before creating a database, even if you use the

Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA) to create the database

Answer: ABD

Q3. Note the functionalities of various background processes:

1: Perform recovery at instance startup.

2: Free the resources used by a user process when it fails.

3: Cleanup the database buffer cache when a process fails.

4: Dynamically register database services with listeners.

5: Monitor sessions for idle session timeout.

6: Cleanup unused temporary segments.

7: Record the checkpoint information in control file.

Which option has the correct functionalities listed for a background process?

A. Checkpoint (CKPT): 1, 2, 5

B. System Monitor (SMON): 1, 6

C. Process Monitor (PMON): 4, 6, 7

D. Database Writer (DBWR): 1, 3, 4

Answer: B

Q4. Examine the command:


Which statement describes the effect of the above command?

A. Automatic statistics collection is stopped for the CUSTOMERS table

B. Statistics for the CUSTOMERS table are locked and cannot be overwritten

C. Existing statistics for the CUSTOMERS table become unusable for the query optimizer

D. Subsequently, statistics gathered on the CUSTOMERS table are stored as pending statistics

Answer: D

Q5. For which database operation would you need the database to be in the MOUNT state?

A. Renaming the control files

B. Re-creating the control files

C. Dropping a user in your database

D. Dropping a tablespace in your database

E. Configuring the database instance to operate in the ARCHIVELOG or NOARCHIVELOG modes

Answer: E

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Q6. View the Exhibit.

You are creating an additional database by using the Database Configuration Assistant (DBCA).

You opted to create a General Purpose database and during the database creation realize that the Block Size field is not enabled.

What could be the reason for this?

A. You have chosen the File System option as the storage option.

B. You have chosen the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) as the storage option.

C. The data block size can be increased only when DBCA is invoked from Oracle Universal Installer (OUI).

D. You are using General Purpose template and not the Custom Database template to create the database.

Answer: D

Q7. Examine the command that is used to create a table:



KEY, odate DATE,

ccode NUMBER (6),

oamt NUMBER(10,2)


Which two statements are true about the effect of the above command? (Choose two.)

A. A CHECK constraint is created on the OID column.

B. A NOT NULL constraint is created on the OID column.

C. The ORDERS table is the only object created in the USERS tablespace.

D. The ORDERS table and a unique index are created in the USERS tablespace.

E. The ORDERS table is created in the USERS tablespace and a unique index is created on the OID column in the SYSTEM tablespace.

Answer: BD

Q8. Which statement describes the effect on an index, when the indexed column for the rows is updated in the base table?

A. An update in a leaf row takes place.

B. The index becomes invalid after the update.

C. The leaf block containing the row to be updated is marked as invalid.

D. A row in the leaf block of the index for the key value is logically deleted and a new leaf row is inserted.

Answer: D

Q9. View the Exhibit. What would happen if Oracle Home is not empty?

A. The installation will not be continued until the location is empty.

B. The installation will proceed without overwriting the existing files.

C. The installation can be continued, but the existing files will be overwritten.

D. The installation terminates automatically after showing an error message.

Answer: A

Q10. Examine the values for the following initialization parameters:



Which two will be the implications of these values in your database? (Choose two.)

A. The SGA advisor will be disabled

B. The MTTR advisor will be disabled

C. Automatic checkpoint tuning will be disabled

D. Checkpoint information will not be written to the alert log file

Answer: BC

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