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September 20, 2017

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Q81. Which statement is true about the Manageability Monitor (MMON) background process?

A. It transfers statistics from memory to disk at regular intervals.

B. It coordinates the rebalance activity for disk groups when ASM is used.

C. It communicates with the Automatic Storage Management (ASM) instance on behalf of the database instance.

D. It performs dynamic memory management when Automatic Shared Memory Management is enabled for the database instance.

Answer: A

Q82. View the Exhibit to examine the output for the CROSSCHECK BACKUP command.

Which statement is true about the output of the command?

A. The backup piece is expired as the new backup is available

B. The backup piece is expired because the operating-system file was not found

C. The backup piece is expired because the retention period for the backup has expired

D. The backup piece is expired because the backup set to which it belongs is not complete

Answer: B


What is the effect of this command?

A. One audit record is created for every successful DROP TABLE command executed in the session of SCOTT

B. One audit record is generated for the session when SCOTT grants the DROP ANY TABLE privilege to other users

C. One audit record is created for the whole session if user SCOTT successfully drops one or more tables in his session

D. One audit record is created for every session of any other user in which a table owned by SCOTT is dropped successfully

E. One audit record is created for every successful DROP TABLE command executed by any user to drop tables owned by SCOTT

Answer: C

Q84. Your database instance is currently configured to support 1,500 connections. The Web application that uses the database allows a large number of users to work with the database simultaneously.

Some users of the Web application do not interact with the server all the time. You want to increase the scalability by configuring the database instance to handle more connections. As a DBA, which configuration would you set to support more than 1,500 connections at a time?

A. You would configure more listeners for the database.

B. You would configure the database in shared server mode to use the connection pooling feature.

C. You would increase the value of the PGA_AGGREGATE_TARGET initialization parameter that assigns more session memory to users.

D. You would decrease the value of the PRIVATE_SGA resource limit in the profiles used by the users to accommodate more session information.

Answer: B

Q85. The session of user SCOTT receives the following error after executing an UPDATE command on the EMP table:

ERROR at line 1:

ORA-00060: deadlock detected while waiting for resource

On investigation, you find that a session opened by user JIM has a transaction that caused the deadlock.

Which two statements are true regarding the session of SCOTT in this scenario? (Choose two.)

A. The session is terminated after receiving the error and JIM can continue with his transaction.

B. SCOTT should perform a COMMIT or ROLLBACK to allow JIM to continue with his transaction.

C. The session is rolled back after receiving the error and JIM can continue with his transaction.

D. SCOTT has to reexecute the last command in the transaction after he commits the transaction.

Answer: BD

Q86. Which three statements are correct about temporary tables? (Choose three.)

A. Indexes and views can be created on temporary tables.

B. Both the data and the structure of temporary tables can be exported.

C. Temporary tables are always created in a user's temporary tablespace.

D. The data inserted into a temporary table in a session is available to other sessions.

E. Data manipulation language (DML) locks are never acquired on the data of temporary tables.

Answer: ACE

Q87. View the Exhibit and examine the PL/SQL package and procedure. You made changes to the COMPUTE_TAX function inside the EMP_ADMIN package body. Which statement is true after you recompile the EMP_ADMIN package body?


A. The USE_P procedure remains valid.

B. The USE_P procedure becomes invalid.

C. The SHOW_DETAIL procedure becomes invalid.

D. The EMP_ADMIN package specification becomes invalid and needs to be recompiled.

Answer: A

Q88. A database user SMITH tries to query the V$SESSION view and fails to access it as follows:

Which are the two possible solutions to enable SMITH to query the data in V$SESSION? (Choose two.)

A. granting SELECT privilege to SMITH on V$SESSION

B. granting SELECT privilege to SMITH on V_$SESSION

C. asking the user SMITH to run the catalog.sql script

D. granting SELECT privilege to SMITH on V$FIXED_TABLES

E. setting the O7_DICTIONARY_ACCESSIBILITY parameter to TRUE

F. creating a view based on V$SESSION and granting SELECT privilege to SMITH on the view that was created

Answer: BF

Q89. View the Exhibit and examine the attributes of an undo tablespace. In an OLTP system, the user SCOTT has started a query on a large table in the peak transactional hour that performs bulk inserts. The query runs for more than 15 minutes and then SCOTT receives the following error:

ORA-01555: snapshot too old

What could be the reason for this error?


A. The query is unable to get a read-consistent image.

B. There is not enough space in Flash Recovery Area.

C. There is not enough free space in the flashback archive.

D. The query is unable to place data blocks in undo tablespace.

Answer: A

Q90. What can you achieve by implementing reverse key index?

A. Reverse the bytes of each column indexed including the row ID

B. Store a bitmap for each key value instead of a list of row IDs in the leaf node

C. Prevent contention on the highest leaf block when using sequences to generate keys

D. Remove repeated key values from the index to fit more index entries in a given amount of disk space

Answer: C

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