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October 15, 2017

How to pass 1z0 052 pdf in Oct 2017

Ucertify offers free demo for 1z0 052 pdf exam. "Oracle Database 11g: Administration I", also known as 1z0 052 pdf exam, is a Oracle Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Oracle 1z0 052 dumps exam, will help you answer those questions. The 1z0 052 dumps Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Oracle 1z0 052 pdf exams and revised by experts!

Q51. Which two statements are true regarding listeners? (Choose two.)

A. Listeners use only the TCP/IP protocol.

B. Multiple listener processes can run simultaneously on a host.

C. Multiple database instances can be registered with a single listener.

D. The listener-related errors can be traced only at the administrative level.

E. Only one database instance can be registered with a single listener at any time.

Answer: BC

Q52. You notice that the performance of the database has degraded because of frequent checkpoints.

Which two actions resolve the issue? (Choose two.)

A. Disable automatic checkpoint tuning

B. Check the size of the redo log file size and increase the size if it is small

C. Set the FAST_START_MTTR_TARGET parameter as per the advice given by the MTTR Advisor

D. Decrease the number of redo log members if there are more than one redo log members available in each redo log group

Answer: BC

Q53. Which tablespaces are mandatory in an Oracle database for it to be operational? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Undo tablespace

B. USERS tablespace 

C. SYSAUX tablespace 

D. SYSTEM tablespace 

E. Temporary tablespace

Answer: CD

Q54. View the Exhibit and examine the output.

Which two statements are true regarding the LISTENER2 listener? (Choose two.)

A. The ORCL instance is registered dynamically with the listener.

B. The ORCL instance is registered statically in the listener.ora file.

C. The number of current client connections handled by the service handler is two.

D. The total number of client connections handled so far by the service handler is two.

Answer: BD

Q55. Examine the command that is used to create a table:



KEY, odate DATE,

ccode NUMBER (6),

oamt NUMBER(10,2)


Which two statements are true about the effect of the above command? (Choose two.)

A. A CHECK constraint is created on the OID column.

B. A NOT NULL constraint is created on the OID column.

C. The ORDERS table is the only object created in the USERS tablespace.

D. The ORDERS table and a unique index are created in the USERS tablespace.

E. The ORDERS table is created in the USERS tablespace and a unique index is created on the OID column in the SYSTEM tablespace.

Answer: BD

Q56. View the Exhibit and examine the command used to create the ZONEDATA table. The table contains a million rows for zonewise analysis in the DSS system. DML operations are performed very rarely on the table. You decide to prepare an index on the ZONE column to enhance the performance of the queries on the ZONE column.

Which type of index would you select in this scenario?


A. Bitmap index

B. Reverse key index 

C. Normal BTree index 

D. Functionbased index

Answer: A

Q57. The instance abnormally terminates because of a power outage.

Which statement is true about redo log files during instance recovery?

A. Inactive and current redo log files are required to accomplish recovery

B. Online and archived redo files are required to accomplish instance recovery

C. All redo log entries after the last checkpoint are applied from redo log files to data files

D. All redo log entries recorded in the current log file until the checkpoint position are applied to data files

Answer: C

Q58. Which two statements are true regarding undo tablespaces? (Choose two.)

A. The database can have more than one undo tablespace

B. The UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter is valid in both automatic and manual undo management

C. Undo segments automatically grow and shrink as needed, acting as circular storage buffer for their assigned transactions

D. An undo tablespace is automatically created if the UNDO_TABLESPACE parameter is not set and the UNDO_MANAGEMENT parameter is set to AUTO during the database instance start up

Answer: AC

Q59. You are using Enterprise Manager to schedule backups for your database.

Which type of script would be generated by the backup scheduler?

A. XML script

B. PL/SQL script

C. Operating system script

D. Recovery Manager (RMAN) script

Answer: D

Q60. Which statement describes the effect on an index, when the indexed column for the rows is updated in the base table?

A. An update in a leaf row takes place.

B. The index becomes invalid after the update.

C. The leaf block containing the row to be updated is marked as invalid.

D. A row in the leaf block of the index for the key value is logically deleted and a new leaf row is inserted.

Answer: D

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