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July 12, 2017

How Does Actualtests CompTIA 220-902 braindumps Work?

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Q121. Data on full disk encrypted drives using BitLocker is MOST secure from loss when combined with which of the following technologies? 

A. USB authentication token 

B. Filesystem access controls 

C. Trusted platform module 

D. Fingerprint reader 


Q122. A PC is powering on but the only activity a technician can see is spinning fans. Which of the following components would MOST likely be at fault for such a condition? (Select TWO). 

A. SATA controller 


C. Memory 

D. Hard drive 

E. Sound card 

Answer: B,C 

Q123. An administrator has a new workstation that has been loaded with the Windows OS and configured with the proper IP settings. The workstation needs to be added to the corporation’s domain. Which of the following utilities will the administrator access to configure this setting? 

A. System Properties 

B. System Information 

C. System Protection 

D. System Management 


Q124. The computer starts up and runs for less than a minute before shutting down or locking up. This is a symptom of: 

A. overheating. 

B. incompatible RAM. 

C. a faulty hard drive. 

D. a bad internal USB hub. 


Q125. A customer is reporting a burning smell coming from a CRT monitor. Which of the following should be taken into consideration before attempting to resolve the customer’s issue? 

A. Disconnect power before inspecting the CRT power supply 

B. CRT monitors should be serviced by qualified personnel 

C. Have compressed air available to clear out the debris 

D. Wear safely goggles to protect from the cathodes 


Q126. Which of the following identifies traffic based upon its physical network address? 

A. Phishing 

B. Hashing 

C. MAC filtering 

D. Geotracking 


Q127. Which of the following is the BEST option to prevent data breaches on lost mobile devices? 

A. Install a locator application on the mobile device so that it can be traced. 

B. Apply a restriction to lock the device after a certain number of failed login attempts. 

C. Configure the device to remote wipe as soon as it is reported lost. 

D. Utilize the fingerprint scanner and passcode for multifactor authentication. 


Q128. A technician is remotely connecting to a workstation using SSH to transfer a security hotfix. Which of the following command line tools would the technician use to create a directory to store the hotfix? 

A. dir 

B. rd 

C. cd 

D. md 


Q129. A technician has decided to upgrade all users’ iPhones to the latest model. Which of the following is the FIRST thing the technician should advise the users to do with the old phones before turning them in? 

A. Back up the mobile data with a cloud backup service. 

B. Enable remote wipe to clear all personal and corporate data. 

C. Go into the device settings to remove personal customizations. 

D. Factory reset the old phones to ensure the data is no longer on the device. 


Q130. A user reports the Internet connection is not working on the corporate network. After running through the troubleshooting steps, the administrator finds the computer has a valid IP address, can connect to network shares, and can view local intranet pages in the web browser. The administrator tries navigating to a public Internet page and it times out. Which of the following should the technician configure next? 

A. Hosts files 

B. IPv6 settings 

C. Proxy settings 

D. Lmhosts files 


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