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November 18, 2018

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Actualtests offers free demo for cisco 400 101 exam. "CCIE Routing and Switching (v5.0)", also known as ccie 400 101 exam, is a Cisco Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Cisco 400 101 pdf exam, will help you answer those questions. The 400 101 vce Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Cisco 400 101 vce exams and revised by experts!

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

Refer to the exhibit.

If R41 configured as table?

A., and

B. and only .

C. and only

D. and only

E., and

Answer: D

New Questions 3

What mechanism should you choose to prevent unicast flooding?

A. Make sure that all end systems are connected to the network with a single physical connection.

B. Use control plane policing (CPP) to limit unicast flooding.

C. Configure the ARP cache timers to be longer than the switch forwarding cache (CAM) timers.

D. Configure the switch forwarding cache (CAM) timers to be longer than the ARP cache timers.

Answer: D

New Questions 4

Refer to the exhibit.

Which tag will be applied to route?

A. 10

B. 20

C. 11

D. 40

Answer: A

New Questions 5

Which technology allows several switches to operate together as one device?




D. Stack Wise.

Answer: D

New Questions 6

Which feature can protect against broadcast DoS attacks?

A. storm control

B. DHCP snooping


D. IP Source Guard

Answer: A

New Questions 7

Which command can you enter to prevent a router from displaying Telnet connection messages on the terminal?

A. service telnet-zeroldle

B. ip telnet hidden hostname

C. ip telnet hidden address

D. no ip domain-lookup

E. ip telnet quiet

Answer: E

New Questions 8

Which two statements about QoS and marking are true? (Choose two)

A. The set-discard-class command can be configured for ATM and MPLS protocols

B. It can use a table map to mark traffic

C. It requires Cisco Express forwarding to be enabled on the sending interface and the receiving interface

D. It is supported on tunnel interfaces

E. It is supported on Fast EthernetChannel and ATM SVC interfaces

Answer: A,D

New Questions 9

Which three features support object tracking? (choose three.





E. PfR

F. vPC

Answer: C,D,F

New Questions 10

Refer to Exhibit:

Which two options are two problems that can occur with this configuration? (Choose two)

A. The MPLS path from R1 to R5 becomes unreachable.

B. R1 and R5 are unable to establish an LDP relationship.

C. The label for the R1 loopback address is filtered from other MPLS routers.

D. The label for the R5 loopback address is filtered from other MPLS routers

E. MPLS traffic from R1 to R5 takes a suboptimal path.

Answer: A,D

New Questions 11

Which route types are redistributed from OSPF into BGP by default?

A. AII route types

B. External routes only

C. lnter-area routes only

D. lntra-area routes only

E. lntra-area routes and inter-area routes

Answer: E

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