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January 13, 2019

Secrets to passleader 400 101

Ucertify offers free demo for 400 101 ccie exam. "CCIE Routing and Switching (v5.0)", also known as 400 101 vce exam, is a Cisco Certification. This set of posts, Passing the Cisco 400 101 pdf exam, will help you answer those questions. The 400 101 ccie Questions & Answers covers all the knowledge points of the real exam. 100% real Cisco ccie 400 101 dumps exams and revised by experts!

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 11 - Question 20)

Q11. Refer to the exhibit.

What are two effects of the given configuration?(Choose two)

A. The router will fail to form neighbor adjacencies over all EIGRP interfaces except F0/0

B. The router will fail to form neighbor adjacencies over interface F0/0

C. The router will advertise the network

D. The router will manuallu summarize the network

E. Auto-summarization will be enabled on the F0/0 interface

Answer: B,C

Q12. Which two statements about SNMP are true?(Choose two.)

A. SNMPv3 uses the SHA encryption algonthm to provide authorization.

B. SNMPv2c can provide authentication as well as encryption.

C. SNMFV3 uses the 3DES encryption algonthm to provide data privacy.

D. The SNMP agent is responsible for collecting data from the MIB

E. The SNMP manager is responsible for collecting data from the MIB.

F. SNMPv2c supports only 32-bit counters

Answer: C,E

Q13. When you cpnfigure an IPv6 IPSec tunnel which two fields can represent the ISAKMP identity of a peer?(Choose Jwo)

A. encryption algorithm

B. DH group identifier

C. hostname

D. IPv6 address

Answer: C,D


which three statements about EIGRP and BFD are true ? (choose three.

A. BFD is independent of the routing protocol,so it can be used as a generic failure detection mechanism for EIGRP.

B. Some parts of BFD can be distributed to the data plane,so it can be less CPU-intensive than reduced timers, which exist wholly at the control plane.

C. Reduced EIGRP timers have an absolut minimum detection timer of 1-2 seconds; BFD can provide sub-second failure detection

D. BFD is tied to specific routing protocols and can be used for generic fault detection for the OSPF,EIGRP and BGP routing protocol

E. BFD is dependent on the EIGRP routing protocol,so it can be used as a specific failure detection mechanism

F. BFD resides on the control plane,so it is less CPU-intensive than if it resided on the date plane

Answer: A,B,C

Q15. what is the source MAC address of a BPDU frame that is sent out of a port ?

A. the lowest MAC address on the switch

B. the higest MAC address on the switch

C. the MAC address of the individual port that is sending the BPDU

D. the same as the MAC address in the brigdge ID

Answer: C

Q16. Which IPv4 feature prevents multicast joins on a per-port basis?

A. MLD filtering

B. IGMP filtering

C. IGMP snooping

D. PIM snooping

Answer: B

Q17. Which two statements about VSS are true? (Choose two.)

A. It requires physical switches to be collocated.

B. It is dependent on spanning-tree.

C. It requires three IP addresses per ULAN.

D. Each VSS has a single management IP address

E. It can eliminate the need for HSRP.

Answer: D,E

Q18. A host on an Ethernet segment has a different subnet mask than the default gateway. What can be done to allow it to communicate with devices outside of this subnet?

A. Configure a static route for the host on the default gateway

B. Configure a static ARP entry on the default gateway for the host IP address

C. Enable gratuitous ARP on the host

D. Enable proxy ARP on the default gateway

Answer: A

Q19. Which two statements about IS-IS neighbor adjacencies are true?(Choose two )

A. Each device must have the same 6-type systemID

B. Neighboring devices must have the same level.

C. If the ignore-mtu command is configured on both devices.the devices can have different MTU settings

D. Each device's 4-type router ID must be unique.

E. Level 1 devices must be in the same area

Answer: B,E

Q20. Which two statements about a flat single-hub DMVPN with NHRP are true?(choose two)

A. NHRP shortens the configuration 01the hub router

B. NHRP dynamically provides informatlon about the spoke routers to the hub

C. NHRP disables multicast

D The hub muter uses NHRP to initiate the GRE tunnel with spokes E. The spoke routers act as the NHRP servers

Answer: A,B

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