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August 6, 2018

Renew 7004 practice Guide

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New Avaya 7004 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q2. Click the Exhibit button.

Given the customer Route List index shown in the exhibit, what is the first expensive route that a call placed on that RLI could take?

A. Entry 0

B. Entry 1

C. Entry 2

D. Entry 3

Answer: C

Q3. Click the Exhibit button.

You are asked to review the existing route information for the customer. According to the printout shown in the exhibit, which type of route is this?

A. a direct inward dial route

B. a media services route

C. an integrated services digital network route

D. an incoming only route

Answer: A

Q4. A customer has deployed a Communication Server (CS) 1000 RIs. 7 x system at their site. They have asked you if the CS 1000 has a feature that can extend and ring calls to other locations. You have decided that Personal Call Assistant (PCA) will meet the customeru2019s requirements and verified that the system is equipped with Package 398, and that it has sufficient ISM parameters. Which step must be performed first when implementing PCA?

A. Locate or configure a Superloop for PCA

B. Enable the PCA feature for the customer

C. Configure Flexible feature codes for PCA control

D. Configure the telephone parameters to support PCA

Answer: B

Q5. In order for Zone Based Dialing On-Net Call routing (Inter-site) to be used, users are required to dial an E.164 number (either International or National number), for calls between sites.

For this to be true, and for the system to pass the proper Calling Line ID (CLID), which prompt must be configured?

A. The D1ALPLAN prompt must be configured to PPV.

B. Country Code, NPA and NXX must be configured within the ZBD IE of an ISDN message

C. The DIALPLAN prompt in CDB must be configured to PUB.

D. ZBD option in the Customer Data block must be configured to PUB.

Answer: C

Q6. Given the following network characteristics:

three Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x systems IP Peer Networking required

DN uniqueness cannot be maintained

route calls using site Location Codes (LOCs)

Which type of dialing plan is recommended for this call routing scenario?

A. Flexible Numbering Plan (FNP)

B. Coordinated Dialing Plan (CDP)

C. Uniform Dialing Plan (UDP)

D. Network Attendant Numbering Plan

Answer: A

Q7. Click the Exhibit button.

Given the customeru2019s programmed database shown in the exhibit and where AC1 = 9, which RLI will call complete when a station user dials 9-814-666-3434?

A. RLI 2

B. RLI 3

C. RLI 4

D. RLI 9

E. Call will not complete as dialed

Answer: E

Q8. An administrator is programming an NRS for the first time on a new Communication Server 1000 system RIS. 7.0 system. When attempting to add the Service Domain, it cannot be added as the Add button is grayed out in the NRS.

Which tasked should you perform to resolve this issue?

A. reinstall the Signaling Server Software

B. reinstall the NRS software

C. switch from Standby database to Active database

D. switch from Active database to Standby database

Answer: D

Q9. Click the Exhibit button.

The local Central Office required that all calls dialed utilize dialing, however users forget to dial the NPA for local calls. Which DMI entry would be utilized to insert the NPA of 214 when a user dials 9-774-3299?

A. DMI Table 1

B. DMI Table 2

C. DMI Table 3

D. DMI Table 4

Answer: D

Q10. An enterprise has a network with Communication Server 1000E systems running RIs 7 x IP Peer Network. For this network, when are the Digital Signal Processor (DSP) resources required?

A. when a compressed media channel is required without circuit switching

B. when interworking is necessary to third-party SIP-enabled products

C. when it is necessary to transcode between IP and circuit-switched devices

D. when interworking is necessary to third-party H.323-enabled products

Answer: C

Q11. Click the Exhibit button.

A customer has asked if the Communication Server 1000 RIs. 7 x system can provide Exchange users with the ability to selectively drop people that have been added to a conference.

Based on the print-outs, what capabilities are currently available to the user of extension 2006?

A. The user cannot see the conferee display count or selectively disconnect callers.

B. The user can see the conferee display count and can selectively disconnect callers.

C. The user can see the conferee display count but cannot selectively disconnect callers.

D. The user cannot see the conferee display count but selectively disconnect callers.

Answer: B

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