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September 25, 2018

Most up-to-date 9A0-410 Exam Study Guides With New Update Exam Questions

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New Adobe 9A0-410 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 12)

Question No: 5

What is the purpose of using Button.relevant=u201d-printu201d in a designer template?

A. To disable the form and make sure it is not allowed to print

B. To make the button visible during design time and printing

C. To make the button visible during design time and hide it during printing

D. To hide the button during design time and printing

Answer: C

Question No: 6

What is a use case for an Adaptive Document?

A. To create an interactive web-based representation of a PDF portfolio that can be embedded into a site

B. To capture user information and drive users through a series of screens (dynamic interactive)

C. To create an Adaptive Form that can be saved offline and allow a mobile workforce to continue to work

D. To display a user account balance after a transaction on a site (non-interactive)

Answer: A

Question No: 7

A developer needs to render an adaptive form with a specific locale. The developer cannot use the afAcceptLang and Accept-Language parameter.

Which process should the developer use?

A. Language setting of the user specified in AEM

B. Modify the global dictionary locale

C. Modify the render policies locale

D. Modify the locale in the templates from container

Answer: A

Question No: 8

Which variable types can be used to store XML data in a Workflow process?

A. XML and FormDataSet

B. XML Only

C. Document and XML

D. FormDataSet only

Answer: B

Question No: 9

The following XPath expression is retrieved: attachmentList[0]. What is the result?

A. An index out of bounds error

B. An array of length 1

C. The object at index 0

D. A null pointer error

Answer: A

Question No: 10

Which type of key is needed to enable Adobe Sign?

A. Configuration Key

B. Integration Key

C. Adobe Sign Key

D. Integration Service Key

Answer: B

Question No: 11

What feature is NOT supported by a u2018Document of Recordu2019?

A. Data binding

B. Rich text

C. Printing

D. XDP creation

Answer: B

Question No: 12

A user wants to enable Reader to save form data from a Microsoft SharePoint server through an integration connector. How should the connector be configured?

A. Configure the AEM JCR to SharePoint connector on the AEM server

B. Create a custom component on the AEM server to communicate with the SharePoint server

C. Open the SharePoint document through Acrobat and Reader Extend the document locally

D. Configure the SharePoint to the AEM JCR connector on the SharePoint server

Answer: A

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