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April 12, 2019

Accurate MB2-713 Dumps 2019

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The sales representatives in your company have individual goals by region.
You need to create child goals for each sales representative. You must create one child goal for each region that the sales representative manages.
What should you configure on the child goals?

  • A. a goal metric
  • B. a Rollup field
  • C. a Calculated field
  • D. a rollup query

Answer: D

You call a potential customer to discuss one of your company's products. During the call, you discover that the potential customer is uninterested in the product. You need to document the conversation and your decision not to pursue the potential customer any further.
What should you do?

  • A. Detail the conversation in a note and attach the note to a lead.
  • B. Create a lead, track the activity, and then mark the lead as Disqualified
  • C. Create an opportunity, track the activity, and then close the opportunity as Lost
  • D. Detail the conversation in a note and attach the note to an opportunity

Answer: B

You need to ensure that a volume discount for a product named Product1 is applied automatically when a quote contains 10 or more units of Product1.
What should you use?

  • A. the product properties.
  • B. a discount list.
  • C. the percent of margin pricing method.
  • D. the percent of list pricing method.
  • E. price list items.

Answer: C

You create a personal dashboard that tracks important sales information. Your manager wants all of the users in the company to use the dashboard.
You need to recommend a method to make the dashboard available to all of the users. The solution must minimize effort. What should you recommend?

  • A. Export the definitions of the dashboard components, and then import the components.
  • B. Ask an administrator to recreate the dashboard as a system dashboard.
  • C. Ask an administrator to share the dashboard with all of the users.
  • D. Edit the properties of the dashboard, and then assign the dashboard.

Answer: C

You have a Dynamics CRM organization that uses Microsoft SharePoint for document management.
From CRM, you upload a document to a SharePoint library.
You need to provide a user named User1 with access to the document. What should you do?

  • A. Request that a CRM administrator add a role to User1.
  • B. Request that a CRM administrator assign a license to User1.
  • C. Request that a SharePoint administrator modify the permissions of the document library.
  • D. Request that a SharePoint administrator modify the connection between SharePoint and CRM.

Answer: B

You have a lead for a potential business customer with whom your company has never done business.
You need to identify which types of records are created automatically when you qualify a lead for the new business customer
Which three record types should you identify? Each correct answer presents part of the solution.

  • A. opportunity
  • B. quote
  • C. contact
  • D. appointment
  • E. account

Answer: ABC

Your company wants to start tracking when customers make referrals in order to view the customers" influence over time. You have a contact named Contact1. Contact1 refers you to an opportunity for a contact named Contact2 You need to track the referral properly. What should you do?

  • A. Add Contact1 as the stakeholder of the opportunity.
  • B. Add an opportunity for Contact1.
  • C. Add Contact1 to the opportunity.
  • D. Add a connection to Contact1.

Answer: B

You have a quote named Quote1that originates from an opportunity named Opp1. Quote1 is approved by a customer.
You need to create an order record, close the quote, and close the opportunity records. What should you do?

  • A. From the quote, click Close Quote.
  • B. From the quote, click Create Order.
  • C. From the opportunity, change the status.
  • D. From the opportunity, click Close as Won.

Answer: B

Recently, you lost several opportunities to the same competitor. You want to start tracking lost opportunities.
You need to identify what information about the competitor can be retrieved from Dynamics CRM.
What two pieces of information should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. the opportunities at risk to the competitor
  • B. the projected revenue of the competitor
  • C. the value of each opportunity lost to the competitor
  • D. the stakeholders of the competitor

Answer: AB

You are viewing the results from an Advanced Find search of opportunities.
You need to identify which actions you can perform on the records from the view in Advanced Find, iich two actions should you identify? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. Export the opportunity records to a Microsoft Word file.
  • B. Add the opportunities to a marketing list.
  • C. Perform a mail merge.
  • D. Export the opportunity records to a Microsoft Excel file.

Answer: CD

You have a Dynamics CRM organization.
Users in the sales department frequently access the organization from a mobile device.
The sales department users need to create CRM email activities from email messages, regardless of how the users access the messages.
What are two possible technologies that can be used to achieve the goal? Each correct answer presents a complete solution.

  • A. the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Web client
  • B. Dynamics CRM App for Outlook
  • C. tracked folders
  • D. Dynamics CRM for Outlook
  • E. Dynamics CRM for tablets and Dynamics CRM for phones

Answer: AD

You manager needs to view a collection of data records and a chart of the data records simultaneously. What should you instruct the manager to do?

  • A. Define a view and add a chart
  • B. Export the Fetch XM
  • C. and then import a chart.
  • D. Run the Report Wizard.
  • E. Create a personal report.

Answer: C

You need to convert a tweet into a lead. Which button should you use?

  • A. Set Regarding
  • B. Link to CRM
  • C. Add Profile
  • D. Import Data

Answer: B

You have a quote named Quote1that is sent to a customer. The customer approves the quote.
You generate an order from Quote1.
You need to identify the status of the order. What should you identify?

  • A. Ready
  • B. Draft
  • C. Active
  • D. Canceled
  • E. Invoiced

Answer: A

You need to identify what occurs when you assign a goal. What should you identify?

  • A. The user responsible for meeting the goal changes.
  • B. The goal is added as a child to a parent goal.
  • C. The goal becomes the parent goal of another goal.
  • D. The user responsible for managing the goal changes.

Answer: D

Your product line is expanding rapidly and you sale representatives often are unfamiliar with the full of list of applicable products for a customer. As such, your sales team often misses chance to upsell and sell related accessories. You identify what you can add to the product catalog to support upselling and cross-selling.
What should you identify?

  • A. a product discount list
  • B. a product kit
  • C. a product bundle
  • D. a product family
  • E. a unit group

Answer: C

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