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February 12, 2018

Real NS0-504 dumps Reviews & Tips

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Q71. To restore a qtree protected with SnapVault from the secondary storage system to the primary storage system, you can ______________. (Choose two.)

A. restore to a non existing qtree with DOT 7. 2

B. add the new qtree to the primary storage system with DOT 7.2

C. overwrite the existing qtree on the primary storage system with DOT 7.3

D. delete the existing qtree from the secondary storage system with DOT 7.3

Answer: AC

Q72. In Data ONTAP, the root user is exempt from those two quotas: ____________. (Choose two)

A. User quotas

B. Tree quotas

C. Root quotas

D. Group quotas

E. File quotas

Answer: AD

Q73. Which two commands can be used to enable LUN reservations? (Choose two)

A. lun set reservation

B. lun reservation set

C. lun map

D. lun create

Answer: AD

Q74. What utility on the storage system will allow you to capture network packet information?

A. Snoop

B. Netstats

C. Pktt

D. Traceroute

Answer: C

Q75. Which two choices are used to configure a semi-synchronous SnapMirror relationship?

(Choose two.)

A. throttle

B. visibility interval

C. outstanding=3s in DOT 7.2

D. using option semi-sync in DOT 7.3 and higher

Answer: CD

Q76. Which are three valid data protection solutions? (Choose three.)

A. SnapVault toVolume SnapMirror

B. SnapVault toVolume SnapMirror to SnapVault

C. SnapVault toVolume SnapMirror toVolume SnapMirror

D. Volume SnapMirror to SnapVault

Answer: ACD

Q77. Click the Exhibit button.


Given the information provided in the diagram, what is the appropriate FC topology?

A. point-to-point

B. switched fabric

C. arbitrated loop

D. ring

Answer: B

Q78. UNIX allows file access based on ___________.

A. NT ACLs and UNIX permissions.

B. NT ACLs and SID.

C. GID or UID and UNIX permissions.

D. GID or UID and ACLs.

Answer: C

Q79. What happens when two aggregates are rejoined?

A. It is not possible to rejoin aggregates.

B. Data ONTAP will always retain data from the newest aggregate.

C. Both aggregates revert to the last common snapshot before the split.

D. You will have a large new aggregate containing all volumes from both aggregates.

E. One of the aggregates will be overwritten and you will lose any data changed on it after the split.

Answer: E

Q80. Which statement applies to the Open Systems SnapVault Free Space Estimator utility?

A. This utility runs automatically after each transfer.

B. This utility must be enabled on the secondary storage system.

C. This utility determines if there is sufficient disk space available on the primary to perform an OSSV transfer.

D. This utility determines if there is sufficient disk space available on the secondary to perform an OSSV transfer.

Answer: C

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